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Artist’s statement Photography is understood in innumerable ways. It might be considered primarily a tool used in professional work such as photojournalism, the fashion industry,... more
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Artist’s statement

Photography is understood in innumerable ways. It might be considered primarily a tool used in professional work such as photojournalism, the fashion industry, event work, or advertising. Some might consider it a diversion or a hobby. Others perceive photography foremost as an art, and that view is the one I hold.

No matter what I photograph, whether it be nature, an object, or a person, my attention and purpose rest, as appropriate, upon matters of symbol, narrative, or expression in my photographs. I invite the viewer to ask, “What is different about the art subject portrayed in this photograph from the real subject that it is outside the photograph?” Or, to give another example, “What is this person expressing through this photograph that might not be expressed otherwise in real life?” “How is this figure as a photograph evocative beyond what it is or might be in an extra-artistic context?” These are among the questions and the curiosity that guide my art.

Photography is an adventure of discovery and exploration of human sensibility, and I want to share that adventure with my subjects through photographs. Where do we want to go, what do we want to see, what do we want to disclose? What do we fear, hope, love? To consider these questions, or to pose new ones, come with me. Let us walk through the art space of photography together.


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  • Thanks for you feedback.... I also really like your diverse choice of models, you make all shapes, sizes and conditions look beautiful

    • Ulyssa Smith Model Ulyssa Smith
      last month

      LOVE your bodyscapes! Very beautiful! :)

      • Through the Artist's Eyes Artist The Artist's Eyes
        2 months ago

        Your portfolio is a superior showcase for the unequaled glory that is the female form. Truly moving and inspiring work!

        • Neil Jacobson Photographer Neil Jacobson
          7 months ago

          Axiaelitrix Photography -

          Thank you for your comment on the Twins. I think that it' a kind of synergy at work with some ambiguity thrown in between the two models. But as is often the case the meaning is in the eye of the beholder.

          Thanks again,


          Thanks again

          • Lars Model Lars
            8 months ago

            Thanks for appreciating my photos.

            • milchuk Photographer milchuk
              9 months ago

              Thank you so much for adding one of my images to your gallery!

              • Gibson Photographer Gibson
                9 months ago


                • Town Crier Photos Photographer Town Crier Photos
                  9 months ago

                  Thank you for taking the time to view my portfolio and adding one of my images to your gallery, much appreciated. Ted

                  • ELENA Model ELENA
                    10 months ago


                    • NeilH Photographer NeilH
                      10 months ago

                      Thank you for adding me to your gallery really means a lot as this the first year I have done this type of photography.

                      • Gazelle  Model Gazelle
                        10 months ago

                        Thank you for all the gallery adds!! Lovely work in your port as well! :)

                        • Tommy 2's Photographer Tommy-2's
                          10 months ago

                          your welcome, I liked adding your photograph to the gallery.

                          • Thank you so much for the comments on my image!

                            • Josie03 Model Josie03
                              last year

                              Thank you for the following.. very creative port..

                              • Leo J Arbeznik Artist Leo J Arbeznik
                                last year

                                Thanks for your kind words! I’ve been blessed with very creative models. Your portfolio is inspiring.

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