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A Body of Art

A gallery curated by Avant-Garde_Art

338 photos | 2334 views | 9 Comments

A gallery dedicated to amazing and beautiful art images. I've selected each image because of the extraordinary skills and talents of both the photographer and model in producing an image that transcends from "photo" to a work of art. Well done to each of you!


  • Thanks for the add. You have assembled a stunning gallery here. Plenty of inspirational images.

    • Thank you. It's images like yours that MAKE my gallery. You do superb work. Thank you!

  • Thank you for the inclusion! Beautiful gallery and work by all!

  • Excellent collection! Thank you for including me. :)

  • Thank you for the add. Awesome Gallery!

    • Thank you Daniel! It's images like yours that make it awesome. Keep up the great work!

  • Love this gallery!
    Thank you for including my image!

    • If you keep making art like this, my gallery will be primarily composed of YOUR images! Your work is gorgeous. I'm a fan!

  • Thank you for adding our image to your glorious gallery!

  • Thank you for your inclusion of my work with RedPanda. She is quite exceptional.

    • Your work with RedPanda is quite exceptional! You are a fortunate photographer indeed! Thanks Rick!

  • Thank you for including my photo in this beautiful collection!

  • Thank you for the inclusion.



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