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Alexandr Kostygin

Photographer / Artist
I am a freelance photographer. Filmed in the nude, to work more in the direction of graphic quality. more
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Alexandr Kostygin



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about Alexandr Kostygin


I am a freelance photographer.
Filmed in the nude, to work more in the direction of graphic quality.


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  • Ilse Peters Model Ilse Peters
    3 months ago

    Very beautiful Portfolio! I love it :-)

  • Kyotocat Model Kyotocat
    last year

    Unbelievably beautiful. I hope my travels take me to Russia one day...

  • Chelsea Jo Model Chelsea Jo
    last year

    Wow, Wow, Wow.. I really love the look of your photography. I like your angles, and the expressionism you are able to bring out of your models. The images are bold, captivating, sensual and seductive. Thank you so much for sharing your obvious talent here.

  • Liv Sage Model Liv Sage
    3 years ago

    Your photos are absolutely stunning. I'd love to work with you if I get to Russia - I have a basic knowledge of Russian language, so perhaps that would make it a bit easier.

  • Nika Model Nika
    3 years ago

    Magic!!! Love your work!!

    • HollyLoveday Model HollyLoveday
      4 years ago

      The stories you create in your images make my heart sing

      • Elle Beth Model Elle Beth
        4 years ago

        Breathtaking work

        • Ana Wanda K Model Ana-Wanda-K
          4 years ago

          Amazing work !

          • Rosa Brighid Model Rosa Brighid
            5 years ago

            AWESOME work!!! shame you're so far away :)

            • SeaStar Model SeaStar
              5 years ago

              Your work leaves me speechless, such an overflow of inspiration.

              • Christopher Ryan Photographer Christopher Ryan
                5 years ago

                Your one of the most inspirational Photographers/Artist that I've seen in a long time.

                • Mila Model Mila
                  6 years ago

                  This is this third time in my life I have used the word 'stunning'--your work is stunning.

                  • HollyLoveday Model HollyLoveday
                    6 years ago

                    Absolutely stunning work! Love the power and emotion in your images!

                    • Bill Earle Photographer Bill Earle
                      6 years ago

                      Beautiful portfolio

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