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Welcome! I am SELDOM on here. If you want more current information please visit my website or my instagram @viviancove_ Welcome! I am an Art Model. ... more
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Vivian Cove



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Vivian Cove

about Vivian Cove


Welcome! I am SELDOM on here.

If you want more current information please visit my website or my instagram @viviancove_


I am an Art Model. Creature. Shapeshifter. Movement Artist. Goofball. Art-treprenuer

Pleased to meet you!

Check out my more current work on my website at or my Instagram @viviancove_

Due to MM's messaging policies, feel free to email me

My primary home base is San Jose, CA.

When I am not traveling, I am available in Silicon Valley / Santa Cruz / Monterey / Bay Area. I have scouted multiple locations in Santa Cruz to make your California coastal photoshoot come to life!

My secondary home base is in Portland, OR, which makes Seattle, WA my tertiary home base! I am in both of these areas 2 - 3 times a year.

I am fully vaccinated and am traveling full-time.

Venuses de la Tierra: Wilderness Art Nude Photo Tours

Femme Nue: Luxury Art Nude Photo Retreats

I am a lively, disciplined, and enthusiastic model whose passion is to make art and to actualize other artistic visions. I aspire to create compelling work with my dance technique, muscular tone, acrobatic capabilities, and infinite curiosity around experimentation.

Art modeling is my passion and specialty. I do limited glamour or lingerie/boudoir.

I enjoy participating in artistic projects that involve fleeting or agile movement, contorting bodies, body scapes, abstracts, striking poses, and experimentation with light. I am interested in examining narrative, specifically the beauty and grotesque complexities in human nature through expressive gestures and portraiture. I also love playing with various props (including fabrics) and posing against natural splendors.

What can I offer?
- Artistic nudes
- Body scapes
- Dance and acrobatics
- Lingerie / boudoir
- Portraits
- Shadow play
- Nature shots
- Subtle / Sensual
- Posed / Pedestrian
- Vintage / Statue-esque
- Moody or bright
- Fashion / editorial
- Bits and pieces of my life story

What can you expect?
- Easy-going personality
- Playfulness
- Patience
- Adaptiveness
- Cooperation
- Active communication
- Lots of smiles
- Flexibility (literally and figuratively!).

I am open to collaboration or concrete direction. I myself am beginning to dabble in my own photography so I am happy to offer any feedback or perspective on your photographic approaches.

I do NOT do:
- Porn or explicit
- Spread legs or labia shots
- Acting
- Bodypaint
- Shibari or restraints

My hair is currently dirty blonde. I am incrementally becoming blonder by coating my roots and toning my hair lighter on occasion.

My bush is regularly groomed. I will never shave it off completely. Body hair elsewhere is anywhere between minimal to non-existent.

No tattoos and no piercings aside from my ears.

I dance and exercise regularly to maintain my build.

I am only accepting paid gigs but am open to negotiation and working within a budget. I empower you to state your needs with that.

IG: @viviancove_

I look forward to working with you!

January 25 - February 1: Austin, Houston, Dallas
February 19 - 21: Los Angeles
March 23 - April 5: NYC, Philly, DMV
May 1 - 5: Femme Nue Photo Retreat in France
May 23 - 27: Brooke Shaden's Promoting Passion, Tuscon, AZ
May 28 - 30: Tuscon & Phoenix, AZ
July 7 - 11: Venuses of the Sierra Tour with Venus de Sierra
July 14 - 18: Venuses of the Sierra Tour with Venus de Sierra
August 18 - 21: ExplOregon
August 24 - 28: Portland, OR & Seattle, WA
September 8 - 11: Weston Workshop in Big Sur
September 22 - 26: Venuses of the Sierra Tour with Venus de Sierra
October 17 - 21: Femme Nue Photo Retreat in Mexico
October 24 - 28: Femme Nue Photo Retreat in Mexico
December TBD: Venuses de la Tierra Private Tours, Death Valley
December TBD: Venuses de la Tierra Photo Tour, Valley of Fire

January 24-29: Austin, Dallas, Houston
February 19-22: Femme Nue Photo Retreat in Jamaica
February 22-25: Femme Nue Photo Retreat in Jamaica
April 20-24: Venuses de la Tierra Tour in Death Valley
May 1-26: Eastern Sierra (available for Private V Tours)
May 11-15 Venuses de la Tierra Tour in the Eastern Sierra
June 9-14: Femme Nue Photo Retreat in Tuscany
July 20-24: Eastern Sierra
August 16-26: Portland & Seattle
September 21-25: Venuses de la Tierra Tour on Santa Cruz Coast
September 27-October 6: Joshua Tree
October 11-22: NYC, Philly, DMV
November TBD: Venuses de la Tierra Tour in Cuba


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  • Your photos are Captivating, Powerfully Evocative, and Beautiful Beyond Imagination!! Your Portfolio is Inspiring, I Really Love Your Work, You have a follower!!

  • This is a beautiful portfolio of natural artwork

  • Inspiring work, thanks for sharing

  • An absolutely stunning portfolio - which is exactly what I anticipated. Well done

  • Nice sedcard with beautiful artwork. Congrats.

  • Gorgeous work throughout your portfolio. Amazing posing and awareness of how you interact with the light. Lovely!

  • Beautiful port,... lots of creativity there

  • A knowing, insightful portfolio of grace and power!

  • Your passion for art and photographer shows in your images; so beautifully done!

  • All very beautiful. I hate we could not work out to shoot when you were in Georgia last year or I in Monterey next week. Maybe at the right time out paths will intersect. Best wishes. <3

  • Very beautiful porftolio :-)

  • Your posing and imagery is beautiful, inspiring, and lovely. I can't wait to see whatever wonders you create.

  • Your posing is stunning - so emotive and dramatic.

  • Fantastic portfolio! A pleasure to see. Welcome to Model Society. Let us know if we can help with anything.