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Hello to you, thank you for being interested. I am finally updating, it has been a few years that i put any attention to my model sites. Since i moved to Europe i have not been... more
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Vera Juliette



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Vera Juliette

about Vera Juliette


Hello to you,

thank you for being interested.

I am finally updating, it has been a few years that i put any attention to my model sites. Since i moved to Europe i have not been a full time model.
In Barcelona i was working as a full-time art model for the Academy and a few private drawing groups. after the pandemic and really struggling in my life to find my base, i decided to start doing outdoor active seasonal work. I couldn’t be still anymore (as a full time thing). So as of now, 2022. I live in an auto caravan with my Spanish boy friend (basically husband) and live both in Spain and in France, doing seasonal farm work, and when im not working i make art. all kinds of mediums and crafts but mainly expressive figurative drawing.

I'm still art modeling for artists when it comes up and especially when i’m in Barcelona.

I would like to start again modeling for artist photographers as a natural art nude model. I am looking for people with art photo projects and creative ideas, and who value putting creative intention in their work, and in my modeling work. I love to adventure outside, and inside a creative photo studio. i am very comfortable nude, and i am very real.

I will no longer work for artificial photographers that want a pretty propped photo. I will not work for old retired men with techy cameras.

I am a new moon child, i am here to have fun, collaborate with my strong body and connect with artists.
Please look at my Instagram account to see my current look and what bodies of work i have done.

I moved to Europe, Barcelona, Spain in 2018.

the main regions and cities i pass through consistently are-

Spain: Barcelona, Girona, Figueres, Zaragoza, Pyrénées Mountains, Madrid, Huelva, Seville.
France: Perpignan, Montpellier, Orange, Sisteron, Gap, Lyon.

I will be in Switzerland in April-May-June.

in France- March-------July-Aug.-Sept-October-November


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  • Incredible portfolio. I look forward to working with you. Best regards

  • Wow!! Beautiful.. I love the simple and pure beauty you posses. Your look is so pure, wholesome and the emotion you convey with you eyes... Wow!! Thank you for sharing both your talent and artistry as a model here..

  • Vera - So very much enjoyed our second shoot together (and already looking forward to our third!). You are a highly professional, greatly talented, beyond breathtaking, treasure of a model! - David

  • Vera - Thank you so very much! It is wonderful seeing our work placed within your wonderful portfolio. You are a giving, singular model of surpassing talent and I so look forward to working with you again. - David

  • Love your latest work

  • yayy can't wait to see you soon! <3

  • You are a perfect artist's model! it was a pleasure looking through your work. I love the origami series :)

  • Vera love your port !

  • Fancy meeting you here.

    This is a high class site.

    I'm shocked I was admitted. Frankly, my technique is inferior to most photographers on this site. Someone must have appreciated my quirkyness.

  • Thnx for your comment, great port

  • It was marvelous working with you, Vera! Can't wait to collaborate with you again!

  • Lovely work. Given our (relative) proximity, I'd love to collaborate one day

  • Thank you for adding my work to your gallery.
    Your work is captivating as well.