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a celebration of human beauty *** From 1st of January till 3th of April Algarve, Portugal *** From 6th till the 10th of April I will... more
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about Shanti


*** From 1st of January till 3th of April Algarve, Portugal
*** From 6th till the 10th of April I will be available for bookings in the South of the Netherlands for bookings in and around a foresthouse in the woods near a lake.

Modelling to me is the artistic expression of my soul whispering through my feminine embodiment. It warms my heart to show the lighter and darker sides of feminine beauty in front of the camera.

The authentic vulnerable me. Sensual, edgy, raw, moody, even ugly or dark. Maybe the dancing goddess in wild nature.

I embrace my body and curves and I like to pose blending in with nature or contrast in natures finest,

I have over 10 years of experience in modelling and feel naturally comfortabel posing till artistic nude photography. I also have experience in modelling for photography workshops. I stand for open clear communication about expectations. This way we are able to enjoy the artistic creative process even more.

I am also open to challenges, flexible & versatile, combining our qualities to make the best piece of art.


1 on 1 MODELSHOOTTRIP Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

You are welcome to travel to Portugal and book a fully organised weekend or midweek 1 on 1 modelphotography shooting experience with me. Everything will be taken care of. You only need to book your ticket & bring your own gear.

Feel welcome at our little renovated bohemian farmhouse from where I can guide you to the most beautiful places to shoot at the best spots of the Algarve. You will stay at a double bedroom 10 min. walking fro a secluded beach.

I like to shoot with professional and starting photographers. We will allways keep learning from each other and inspire each other. Don't hesitate to ask me about the prices and possibilities.


A few times a year I travel back to the Netherlands to shoot. In summer I often have my modeltour through different countries of Europe. Contact me if you would like to know when I will be in your place.

I pose for paid assignments. Fees depend on categories of posing, time, location and use of the pictures. I prefer to work with my own contract.
It’s possible to do my own makeup and hairstyling which suits your concept.

I’m looking forward to inspire each other and am curious about the details of your ideas of shooting.



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  • Your photos are Captivating, Powerfully Evocative, and Profoundly Beautiful!! Your Portfolio is Amazing, I Really Love Your Work, You have a follower!!

  • You have such a beautiful portfolio. Truly wonderful work!

  • Welcome to Model Society! Your portfolio is beautiful. Can't wait to see how you branch out within the community :) We're here to help if you need anything along the way.