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--------> updated website with all info: WWW.SARACARLET.COM -------> REMOTE / TETHERED shooting now limited available, DM me for info. Professional photostudio, premium locations... more
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about SaraScarlet


--------> updated website with all info: WWW.SARACARLET.COM

-------> REMOTE / TETHERED shooting now limited available, DM me for info. Professional photostudio, premium locations & studio, professional CANON camera.

Tours & Travel

Belgium (remote + live shooting)
January 22-25 Paris, France

8-14 Netherlands
17-24 Lanzarote, Canary Islands

March 7 8 9 10 Dresden, studio 7Elfen
March 12-19 Stuttgart
March 20-22 Frankfurt
March 23-25 Nordrhein-Westfalen

April 1-14 Berlin, Hannover & Leipzig

24-30 April & 6-8 May Singapore
May 1-5 Phuket, Thailand

July 1-7 Iceland
mid July Scotland

October 9-20 Cyprus


I'm Sara, an agency signed and freelance model from Belgium, travelling EUROPE- and WORLDWIDE.
I mainly shoot fashion, lingerie, latex and art nude.
Art nude veteran: I have 11+ years experience as an art nude model.
I am open to commercial and non-commercial work and have experience in both fields.
When I am not travelling, I am available for shoots in Belgium.
I work as a freelancer, so the best way to book me is directly via e-mail. I also work with the following agencies (but am not limited to working with them:)
- House Of U Models
- Tuttimodels
- New HNC
- Blanche Model Agency

I have two bat silhouettes tattooed on my shoulders/back and a coloured peacock feather on my right hip. I have absolutely no problem with these being photoshopped if they don't fit the concept of the photo and it will only take some clicks as they are small.
Ears pierced (ordinary earring piercings) plus two extra holes in the right ear.

I am a hair model, so my hair colour and cut are changing a lot. I try to keep this up to date, but bear with me. Feel free to ask me what my hair colour is and ask me to add recent selfies before booking.

I can provide natural looking wigs for a different or natural look. (sponsored by Insomnium Wigs)

I provide my own styling and make-up if requested. I am happy to work with stylists, make-up artists and hair stylists.

- If you work with a contract, please send it to me BEFORE the shoot via e-mail so that I can read or approve. I will not sign contracts that I have not had the time to read or contracts that are offered on the spot.
- I do not shoot with fur and (fake or real) weapons or guns.
- I do not shoot poses that are of a sexual (pornographic, erotic) or sexually submissive, tacky or lewd nature (such at pulling panties down, etc). I do not shoot open legs, met art, pornography etc.
- I only shoot in environments that I find safe and appropriate. If you would like to shoot outdoors, in a public place, at extreme (hot or cold) temperatures, in water, with bodypaint, dirt, etc, kindly inform me during pre shoot communication, so that I can prepare.
- If I am required to get my hair wet or dirty or to use hair gel or a product that will need to be washed out, kindly inform me in pre shoot communication so that I can prepare (and prepare to wash it out in case I have another shoot afterwards)
- Our shoot time starts on the moment that I arrive at the location. Make-up time (max 15-20min), clothing change breaks and general breaks to rest, eat or drink are included in the shoot time. A (short) lunch break is included in shoot time on bookings of 6h or more. Please kindly inform me if there will be food and drinks provided on set or not, especially for longer shoots so that I can bring something myself if not provided.

Local/Belgium: Cancellation: 50% if cancelled 3 days before the shoot, 100% if cancelled 24h or less before the shoot.
Abroad: 50% if cancelled 7 days before the shoot, 100% if cancelled 3 days or less before the shoot. If I am travelling for this shoot exclusively + transportation costs.
Booking a shoot with me equals agreeing to the cancellation policy.

If you're interested in working with me, the fastest and clearest way to contact me is via e-mail:

If mailing me, please provide this info, which makes communication much easier:
- when
- where
- what time
- theme
- wardrobe ideas / moodboard
- mua / stylist / designer provided ?
- your phone number and/or e-mail

I am looking forward to be working with you!


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  • Incredible body of work there. Really great work.

  • It was lovely meeting you in Mexico if only briefly. Wishing you well :)

  • Thank you for your message.

  • Your photos are Captivating, Powerfully Evocative, and Beautiful Beyond Imagination!! Your Portfolio is Inspiring, I Really Love Your Work, You have a follower!!

  • I hope to work remotely with you in the near future. You have a beautiful portfolio and just as importantly, excellent communication skills.:)

    • Thank you very much, please DM to organise a remote session, next possibility is January 7

  • Great Variety of work! Both here and Tumbr... have fun here!