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Though I was born in Zimbabwe, Africa, I felt compelled to perform from a very young age and as soon as I could, left for Paris, France, to attend Theatre and Circus Schools -... more
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Paisley X



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Paisley X

about Paisley X


Though I was born in Zimbabwe, Africa, I felt compelled to perform from a very young age and as soon as I could, left for Paris, France, to attend Theatre and Circus Schools - specialising in the art of clowning, mime and corporal expressionism.

My career diversified from clowning for all ages, to an all round entertainer including burlesque satire, adult only alternative cabaret and fine art nude modelling for art, photography, sculpture and life casting. I have been active in the latter professions for over 15 years now and often like to incorporate some of my performing art skills with shoots.

One particular photographer whom I have collaborated with extensively is David Brazier (aka Excalaber). Though David still lives in Africa and I in UK - I often fly back to Africa in order to do a shoot with him and continue our now 10 year exploratory collaboration.


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  • Hi Paisley, since comments here don't have dates I don't know how long ago you were planning a U.S. tour, but I'd be happy to chat with you about it. I've sent you a PM. :)

  • You're very kind, thank you. I'm going to take a good look at your portfolio, and from what I have already seen, it's fabulous.

  • lovely

  • Really striking and diverse imagery. Thanks for providing some of the back story on some of the images. Makes sense you own the copyrights too as you commissioned the photographers to document your actions and performances. Look forward to seeing what else may come forth on this site from you. Many Thanks, Philip

  • Welcome to Model Society! We love the unique and refreshing style in your portfolio, great work! We can't wait to see what you create in the community. Let us know if we can help with anything along the way!

    • Hello (-: - thank you so much for the encouragement. I was just wondering how I add the photographer's names? I think I may be a little unusual in the fact that due to it being I whom has commissioned the photographers to catch the images I envision then 'perform' - more often than not I am given the copyright of the images, but I am not sure how to explain this? I would also like to add that I am presently working on a performance to take to New York this year to present at the National Arts Club which is an affiliate club of the Chelsea Arts Club here in London of which I am a member. Any advice you could offer in assisting me in organising a 'working tour' in the States, (I intend to go to New York and possibly Florida) would be wonderful! I am so delighted to have found the Model Society as it has provided me with a platform to show the sophistication and extraordinary profundity of exhibiting the human spirit and form as the fine art nude. Thank you! Deepest Respect, Paisley X.

    • Hi :) To credit photographers and models other than yourself, you can add them as collaborators if they have a Model Society account. If they aren't on Model Society yet, you can give them credit in the description or even in the title. We strongly encourage that you include this information in the description so that all parties can be found if the image is shared through our Instagram or newsletters.

      As for your tour, that sounds like a great endeavor. You can do a location based search to find models or photographers in any given location if you'd like to reach out to them about participating. To do so just click the search icon at the top of the page and choose location. Other than that we don't really have any experience to offer any suggestions but please let us know how it goes!!

      We're so glad you're enjoying the site so far. This kind of positive feedback helps keep us inspired :)