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Hello. From Portland, born and raised and moved to Central Oregon. Was in Cali in 2020 as well for a few, and just got back to Oregon last March before covid hit. Went to culinary... more
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about MissShawnak


Hello. From Portland, born and raised and moved to Central Oregon. Was in Cali in 2020 as well for a few, and just got back to Oregon last March before covid hit.

Went to culinary school. During that time I realized how much I love modeling. I love being behind the camera and in front of one. Started modeling in 2013 doing body painting with skin wars season 1 bodypaint winner Natalie Fletcher. I continued to proceed modeling because how good it makes me feel. It really does help women who suffer from a traumatic past grow. Modeling makes me feel good about myself in so many ways. Empowering in a sense. Seeing myself in my modeling pictures helps make me see my beauty.
I have taken a break till recently frm it due to personal family losses and my ex didn't like me modeling. But now that I'm back, I really wanna get back into modeling and have more opportunities to grow and expand.
I recently lost my mother from Alzheimer's and she really encouraged and loved me doing my modeling too, 3 wks after my mom died my big brother died as well. I am experienced and open minded and love doing all sorts of shoots from portraits, boudoir, implied nudes, Nude art, bodypaint canvas, I also love weird crazy concepts, art what expresses itself and more.

I'd love to have the opportunity to travel the east coast and do shoots one day.
Feel free to each out if you would like to discuss Bookings, My Rates, and or collaborate info. Message me for specfic direct information


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  • Thanks for following me. would love to shoot with you sometime this summer.

  • Thanks for following me!
    Your work with projections and bodypainting is, as you may hve understood, highly interesting and relatable.
    Keep the good work coming!

  • Really diverse and interesting portfolio. Well done.

  • Welcome to MS!! Your work is beautiful and eclectic!! Let me know when you're coming to the East Coast(Philadelphia area). I can point you to other togs and workshops. Be safe out there!!

  • Thank you for your kind words!!😀. You have a beautiful portfolio. 😀

  • Welcome to Model Society! We're loving your portfolio, so creative :) Can't wait to see what else you create here within the community! Let us know if we can help with anything along the way.

    • Thank you so so much for the warm welcome! It's a honor to hear from you. Your kind words truly mean alot and words cannot express. Thank u thank u! Absolutely beautiful work as well! I'll definitely reach out if need a hand. Hugs. 🥰😍❤

  • Very artistic and creative, I like it!!

  • You have such a creative and unique portfolio! A welcome addition to the community, thank you so much for your work :)

  • Thanks for the MM FR. BTW I love your story.
    My IG.