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Hey Humans ::::))))) My name is Mia and I am a professional model. My physical appearance is very natural - Ø Gorgeous smile Ø Slim and athletic physique Ø No tattoos Ø ... more
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about Miaart


Hey Humans ::::)))))

My name is Mia and I am a professional model.

My physical appearance is very natural -

Ø Gorgeous smile
Ø Slim and athletic physique
Ø No tattoos
Ø Fully Lasered / Hair Free (at the right places smile )
Ø No significant piercings.

I really enjoy a diverse range of photographic assignments and these include fashion, lifestyle, swimwear, lingerie, fitness, boudoir, body painting and artistic nude themes.

I am confident and vibrant in front of a camera.Regularly practicing yoga enables me to form flexible poses. I find modelling for photographers very inspirational because it enables me to express my creative personality, feelings and emotions.

I really enjoy doing soulful, artistic and abstract assignments. I display a high level of professionalism and provide prompt communication. Additionally, I really enjoy collaborating with photographers prior to photoshoots.

My standard fees for photoshoots are listed below.

Ø Lifestyle and Portrait Themes (clothed): AU$100 per hour. Minimum two hours booking.
Ø Life Nude Drawing (no photography): AU$60 per hour. Minimum two hours booking.
Ø Artist Nude Themes (non-erotic): AU$150 an hour or above depending upon the concept.
Ø Specialised Artistic Themes – for example, body painting, etc. Please message me with your proposal for consideration.

Note: I do not shoot any higher level than mentioned above (including erotic).

Note: I may ask for a travel allowance depending on your location and the time taken for me to drive to the nominated location. / The booking time starts from the agreed time or when I reach the agreed location (if in a rare situation I am late). / if the shoot includes a hike or a long walk etc, it needs to be part of the booking time. / If you organise a HMUA or Body art or stylist, time taken by them is also part of the booking time. / If you have a longer duration shoot in mind, you may always discuss with me and I would consider proposals based on Merits.

For photographers who would like to book me, please provide the following details as a message, with sample photos of what you have in mind.

1. Your name and contact details.
2. Description about your shooting theme
2. Location of the proposed shoot.
3. Offered payment
4. Potential dates for the photoshoot.
5. Estimated duration of the shoot.


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  • Wonderful body of work. You are truly an inspiration. @guycarnegie

  • You have such a beautiful and inspiring portfolio. Great to see you here on Model Society!

  • Welcome to Model Society! You have a lovely portfolio. So excited to see what else you create here with the community :) Let us know if we can help with anything along the way.

  • A pleasure to see an Aussie model here. Love the port!

    • Hi there, thanks for the comment, you are based in Blue Mountains.

    • Hi Anna;
      Yes, just on the other side of the Blue Mountains.