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2022 TOUR DATES April 6th-7th Charlotte, NC 7th-8th Durham, NC 9th Cartersville, VA Relinquish - Abandoned Nude Portrait Workshop by JUSTINSPHOTOG (Follow link for more info.... more
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about LilithJenovax


6th-7th Charlotte, NC
7th-8th Durham, NC
9th Cartersville, VA
Relinquish - Abandoned Nude Portrait Workshop by JUSTINSPHOTOG
(Follow link for more info.
10th-11th D.C.
12th Baltimore, MD
13th Elkton, MD
Workshop at Stace Bernard's Studios
14th-15th Philadelphia, PA

Debut Album "Only Temporary" streaming everywhere!

My name is Lilith and among being a model I am also a musician and photographer. I previously did various forms of dance, acting, writing, and traditional art. I am 26 years old and reside in North Georgia where I graduated in late 2019 with a bachelor's of science in psychology.
I have worked with photographers of all experience levels: amateurs learning the craft to professionals that are published all over the world.
I work within various genres and can provide minimal makeup and hair requests as well as wardrobe selections (I can find a MUA/stylist for additional charge if needed).

Currently, I am looking into doing more of both underwater modeling and photography. I have a silicone mermaid tail and plan on getting more. I am also interested in film work and music performance.

I enjoy making people think and I strive to break the boundaries of modeling and go beyond being a "simple pretty face."
We can create some real art together.

*** I am fully vaccinated and have received my booster.

I have tattoos on some of my fingers, my neck, ears, right rib, left hip, thighs, feet, left wrist, and the inside of the left arm. My tattoos can be easy to cover up or pose around depending on the project. I am also fine with them being edited out/covered up with makeup. I can assist in editing if requested.

I have multiple piercings (nose, lip, navel, nipples, ears, tongue) but these can usually be removed upon request.

$275 for 2 hours & $425 for half-day (4 hrs) or $850 for full day (8 hrs) for everything up to art nude & lifestyle nude. Erotica/fetish work is $200+ per hour. 1 hour bookings can be considered at $150+.

I rarely extend TFP but I can consider it for incredible concepts, wardrobe, makeup, locations

*** By sending me a DEPOSIT, you are not only decreasing the amount you owe me, but you are also letting me know that you are serious about our project and value my time and money in resources to get to you. I have multiple references you can contact and I have never kept someone's deposit without following through on the work in my 5 years of modeling.

***I will NOT put you in my calendar until I receive a deposit, phone number to contact you by, and a location/address of the project.

***By booking with me, you agree not to touch me without consent under any circumstances. I am a model; I am not a mannequin.

*** If our shoot is scheduled to be outside, you are responsible for providing a plan B if that location is cancelled due to weather inconveniences

*** If you CANCEL your shoot with less than 7 days notice while I am touring/traveling, you will be charged the full amount.
If you cancel without paying a deposit, you will be charged a cancellation fee.
If I do not receive this, I will not work with you again until the debt is paid.
I prefer to reschedule as opposed to cancel.

If I cold-called/messaged you, that means I did look at your work and have a genuine interest in booking with you.

Vogue Italia
Dark Beauty
Rat Rod
Southern Distinction
Alternative Press (as photographer)


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  • Gorgeous portfolio!!!!
    I would love to work with you!!!!!!

    • Thank you. I'll be in North Carolina this month if you'd like to book a session!

    • I think that may just have to happen!
      I’ll be in touch!!!


  • You have so many gorgeous poses and images.

  • I'd love to collaborate if you're ever up in the Greenville SC area! That amazing red hair would work well for a nature series I'm hoping to do.

  • I love your look and that hair.... WoW!!!! :)... Your so sensual in your poses and bring such emotion to the photograph.. Your work is beautiful, bold, captivating and inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful portfolio here.