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My name is Kait and I am a professional freelance model located in Calgary, Alberta. My goal with every shoot is to make your vision a reality. I love to test my creative limits... more
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Kait Byce



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Kait Byce

about Kait Byce


My name is Kait and I am a professional freelance model located in Calgary, Alberta.

My goal with every shoot is to make your vision a reality. I love to test my creative limits and I'm always looking for new and creative styles and genres to explore.

One of my strengths is my ability to adapt and evolve with every shoot setting, putting my full effort into helping you to achieve “The Shot” that you desire.

My work is expressive, real, bold yet feminine.

I am also a mother of two beautiful girls, so my body possesses those badges of honour on my skin, and I want to share that divine beauty with pride.

I have provided my website where you will find more information about me.


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  • What a wonderful and dynamic body of work. Very inspiring!

  • If you ever travel to Niagara Falls Ny please let me know. Your work is outstanding.

  • Wow, just noticed I did not say "Hi" here, sorry for the tardiness. It's great shooting with you, and I am hoping to add many sessions to our combined repertoire.

    • Haha! "Hi" right back! Looking forward as well =) You are an incredible photographer and I am very proud of what we have accomplished so far!

  • Hope to see you in the Buffalo / Niagara Falls area one day.

  • I enjoyed your web site. What an awesome group of images. So many different looks and all are done so well... If you ever travel to Western NY State, please let me know.

    • Wow, thanks for looking! I appreciate your feedback so much =) And if I find myself in NY I will let you know... I love NY, definitely one of my favourite states.

  • After looking trough your portfolio I can only say that with the right photographer you can create magic.

    • Thank you so much! And I agree, the vibe, trust and vision is everything!!

  • Your Photos are Captivating, Powerfully Emotive, and Profoundly Beautiful!! Your Portfolio is Amazing, I Really Love Your Work, You have a follower!! It would be an Honour and Privilege to create with you one day!! I wish you All the Best, and I look forward to seeing more of your Stunning work!!

    • WoW! Thank you so much for your comment - I appreciate it so much!

      I hope to make that happen in the future! All the best to you too!
      I followed you back =)

    • I appreciate it so much! We will stay in touch =)

    • Aww... It's Well-Deserved, You're Always Welcome!!! I would Love to make that happen as well, I think we'd create some Incredible work together!!!
      Thank You for the Kind Words, They Really Mean A Lot coming From You!!!! And Thank You for Following me back!! It's Always Lovely meeting a Fellow Canadian too!!! Your new photo's are Absolutely Mesmerizing, and Incredibly Evocative!!!

    • It's My Pleasure Entirely Kait!!! Sounds Perfect, drop in anytime you like!!! Oh and Say Hi to Calgary for me, it's been eons since I lived there!!!

  • My sincere thanks for the follow.
    Solid port!

  • Lovely work!

  • Hi Kait, It's great to follow you here! What a gorgeous portfolio! Congrats!

    • Yay! I'm so happy to finally be here! Thanks for the follow and the kind words!

  • You have a beautiful portfolio. I hope to see more gorgeous poses and images!

  • Lovely portfolio, both elegant and tasteful! Welcome to Model Society! <3

  • Really powerful portfolio! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Welcome to Model Society! Your portfolio is wonderful. So excited to see your work here! Let us know if we can help with anything :)

    • Absolutely - I'm so happy to finally be apart of this community! Thanks for the love!