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Greetings, Earth creature. I'm James, an agency repped fellow from the south west, and the reason I'm in this wacky little industry is because I enjoy it. If you're creative or... more
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Jim Vincible



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Jim Vincible

about Jim Vincible


Greetings, Earth creature.

I'm James, an agency repped fellow from the south west, and the reason I'm in this wacky little industry is because I enjoy it. If you're creative or quirky or kooky or cool, I want to meet you and work with you. If you've looked at my images and a light bulb has gone off, I want to help you get that idea out of your head and onto a an SD card (or a sheet of paper, if you're proper old school, which would be amazing).

I don't have "levels" or a pay scale, because that would suggest that I'll only give you X amount of effort for X amount of money or whatever. Creativity doesn't work that way. If you've got an idea and you think we can achieve it, you can have me with my kit on or my kit off, for half an hour or half a day. The only thing you can't have is my bum, because it photographs poorly!

I've shot with Damian McGillicuddy using his custom-made lighting kit, and I've shot in someone's flat using a Polaroid while holding a sheet of tinfoil under my chin. I've shot in a 16th Century manor house in front of a roaring fire, and I've shot in a derelict piss-smelling building with no walls, being lashed by the Cornish wind. Whatever the spectrum happens to be, I'd much rather be teetering at either end of it flirting somewhere between genius and disaster.

If you have eyes and have been using them, you will no doubt have noticed that
I'm a lean, lithe model with long dark hair and a smattering of tattoos on my arms. I seem to embody what most people think of "the rock look" or "the heroin look". Sadly, I play no instruments and don't do drugs, but I won't tell anyone if you don't. I'm good for gothy, grungy, edgy stuff, and my mixed raceness does wonders for ethnic-themed things as well.

I love working with other models, so please don't be shy about suggesting couple-y ideas. That goes for boy-boy stuff as well - I'm not precious about that sort of thing. Everyone thinks male models are gay anyway. Clearly I'm massively androgynous, too, so feel free to cross-dress me or pair me up with a bald girl for some gender-bending ideas. Basically I'm as bohemian as they come and just about impossible to offend, so go ahead and suggest things.

Of course, I'm perfectly happy just wearing a nice suit and tie for you, or looking like I'm intently reading a book or something, but I'd venture that there are plenty of other mods you'd probably pick over me for that sort of thing. Anyway, time for me to shut up and for you to give me a shout - the worst that could happen is that I'll say no!


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  • Love your diversity :) makes me smile, and makes me want to see more. Im based in Stockholm, Sweden. If for some reason you would find your way to Stockholm please send me that info :) would be so much fun shooting you. Fully clothed och just water :) your choice :)

  • It's great to see a such highly creative masculine portfolio. Beautiful work!