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I am a model and artist based in both Los Angeles and Arizona (primarily Phoenix and Sedona areas, but can travel), able and willing to travel for shoots in other areas as well, and I... more
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Hello Jewels



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Hello Jewels

about Hello Jewels


I am a model and artist based in both Los Angeles and Arizona (primarily Phoenix and Sedona areas, but can travel), able and willing to travel for shoots in other areas as well, and I do travel a lot to other areas as well.
Travel Schedule:
Portland: Aug 18-25
Vegas: Sept 9-14
Bay Area: Oct ?-?
New Orleans: Oct 20-25
Miami: Dec 1-6
Asheville: Dec 26-Jan 2
To see more of my day to day and personality, check out any of the links I have listed here!

I am available for paid photo shoots in pretty much every genre (no porn). I am extremely versatile, with long natural, healthy hair, clear skin, a graceful figure, a sense of adventure, a great smile, and an excellent command for the art of modeling, for any type of shoot. I'm easy to get a long with and, as many have said, a joy to be around. :)

Check out my profile to see the wide range of modeling I can do! My profile is updated, and my photos are consistent with my current look. No tattoos, long hair, all natural curves, and a fabulous, versatile look. Just see the credits listed on my profile to understand why photographers love to work with me again and again with what I bring to the table.

To get in contact with me for serious inquires only or e-mail me at or message me here on model mayhem, but I am usually quicker to reply to e-mail. :)

More about me:

I am an Artist-- a creative professional to the utmost. I bring a no drama approach to *all* of the work I do, and enjoy working with many different types of photographers, models, makeup artists, body painters, and other creative people!

***I have experience with many types of modeling:
nudes, fashion, bikini, lingerie, pin-up, catalog, e-commerce, outdoor, vintage, figure drawing, video, runway, hosting, acting, lifestyle, glamour, promo modeling, art photography, portraits, outdoors, dance, body paint, underwater, and more***

I am an artist of many forms and genres, so I love doing creative stuff!! Shoot me a message with your ideas! As much clear and detailed information as possible is always appreciated, including, but not limited to, website links, social media, and concept boards.

While I do most types of modeling, I don't do B/G shoots, and no x-rated, explicit, or pornographic posing. I do not pose with my legs spread apart or touching myself, or in any way that the camera explicitly or intentionally captures labia, anus or vulva.

Otherwise, I'm perfectly comfortable and happy being naked and uninhibited in any type of location!!
(with the right photographer) (and, legally, of course, though sometimes I don't mind bending the rules on nudity in public places) :)

Please see below for my rates and requirements to be agreed upon for any shoot*

More of my work:
Non-nude MM portfolio:

Trade Shoots:

In general, I only accept paid shoots. As I said, I am an artist, and always stay busy with my own work when I'm not working on paid projects. If we have worked together before, or you have something super cool to trade, I am open to talking about tfp. I stay SUPER busy so tfp has to be really worth it, very high quality, unique, and perhaps involving a makeup artist/stylist/wardrobe/etc as well.

For nude shoots, I only accept paid work.

Thanks for reading, now, go send me message and a friend request!! I'll accept your request, but I don't see or respond to tags or comments- sorry, I wish I had time to!

Rates and requirements

It is asked that any photographer or artist wishing to work with me agree to the following requirements:

The type of photography will be described. (Video, if any is written in here or under a different agreement)

Except for restrictions below, Model grants Photographer the unrestricted, irrevocable, and worldwide permission to use and publish the Photographs, in whole or in part, with or without alterations, for any legal purpose, public or private, commercial or otherwise. Photographer agrees to provide a list of websites where the photos will be intended for use. Photographer agrees to inform Model of any additions to the list in the future.

Model does not agree to alterations being made to the Photographs that would make the images appear to be pornographic, defamatory, or illegal
Model does not agree to use of Model’s name in connection with the Photographs
Model does not agree to use of any personal information of Model in connection with display or use of the Photographs

In exchange for the releases given above in this Model Release Agreement, Model will be paid as determined between Model and Photographer.

Photographer agrees to compensate the model 7% of any profits 1000% (10x) or more the original compensation. If the shoot is a tfp shoot, Photographer agrees to compensate the model 10% of any profits by the photographer(s) on the shoot.

Photographer may not assign or sell Photographer’s rights to a third-party without agreement of Model and compensation as outlined in above.


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  • Very nice portfolio. Perhaps we can work something out the next time you're in Vegas.

  • You have so many stunning and lovely poses. I hope to see more of your exceptional and beautiful work!