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Hello! My name is Christelle and I'm a full-time traveling model living near Montreal. With 10 years experience modelling, creativity is the fuel that makes me want to shoot and try... more
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about christelle


Hello! My name is Christelle and I'm a full-time traveling model living near Montreal.

With 10 years experience modelling, creativity is the fuel that makes me want to shoot and try new things, and passion gives me the energy to travel and discover new places all the time.
A simple white background can be a playing field for me. Shooting in location is even more inspiring.

I learned dance on my own, with my own will and instinct, from the basics, practice little movements over and over again, till I could do gracious ballerina movements and flexible poses.
I started at 17 in my living room, until I realized that, as we can learn drawing by being autodidact, we can also learn to dance, and I started to put it in the center of my life. Ive never thought it could help me in my future job :) I just do it because I love it and need it.
I started pointes on my own in April 2017.

I like to play characters/ to imagine scenes and to feel the mood of another time and space and letting my body draw the stories with my movement.


-I have great skin - and no tattoos or body piercings.
-I can do my hair and make-up. I don't do much, but i did my make-up in pretty much all the pictures of my portfolio, so it's apparently enough to make it work wink
-I also always carry my make-up, different type of clothes, lingerie, heels and ballet pointe shoes!
-I can easily stand on ballet pointes, dance and do basic moves.
-I'm an uncomplicated vegetarian. But don't try to brign me at McDonald's!!
-Offer me a place to stay/flight/help with payed assignments/workshops/modelsharings and I travel *almost* anywhere.

***Écrivez-moi en francais si vous le parlez smile ***
*** Hablo espanol ! Y quiero apprender mas! ***

--{{{ Artists who inspires me:
*My favorite photographer is Helmut Newton. He could do great pictures with anything and anyone. I believe we don't need so many artifices to make a great picture smile Propose me a Helmut Newton shoot anytime. I'll say yes. Or ask me to turn any shooting in Newton style. I will find a way, no worries.
My favorite painter is Alphonse Maria Mucha, i love his vision of women, and how he showed their grace, strength, and mystical beauty..


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  • Any travel plans to NYC soon?

  • Your love and passion for the art really shines. Every images is a masterpiece!

  • vais te suivre ici aussi...Continue ton bon travail...

  • So sorry to have missed you on your last trip to the States (SF Bay Area). I follow you on IG and you look like you're always having so much fun. Whimsical, conceptual yet at times so serious, but always inspired. I am a Mucha fan as well and have always wanted to do a the Four Seasons quadtych. Maybe we can start off with a season when you're back down in the States again. Cheers, Phil

  • Your photos are Incredibly Powerful, Resonate with emotion, and Profoundly Beautiful!! I Really Love and Admire Your Work! You have a new follower.

  • Great portfolio. A Helmut Newton devote I see. I love the dramatic work and the story behind it. Your work is impressive and great to experience.

  • I can see the passion you put into your work your portfolio is truly amazing

  • Gorgeous work throughout your portfolio! Such beauty and range of looks.

  • I'm in list Phoenix but also several other cities. If you want to shoot in Tucson or Phoenix, get in touch.

  • Your portfolio is too stunning and beautiful for words. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible art!

  • Welcome Christelle !!!

  • Hello old friend! It's a great delight to find you here.


  • Welcome and hallo, Christelle! Your work is incredible and you will be a beautiful asset to this site!