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Catalina is drawn to whatever brings people together to make and share art. She has modeled on catwalks, performed in musical stage shows, and danced on sand dunes in pursuit of... more
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Catalina Cruise



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Catalina Cruise

about Catalina Cruise


Catalina is drawn to whatever brings people together to make and share art. She has modeled on catwalks, performed in musical stage shows, and danced on sand dunes in pursuit of artistic adventure. Her multicultural heritage gives her work depth, complexity, and uniqueness. There’s nothing that delights her more than helping others to actualize their creative dreams and visions. With extensive experience & training in Dance, Yoga, Martial Arts, Performance Art, and Photography she uses movement to unlock the poetry of the moment. She loves collaborations characterized by engagement, passion and intimacy.


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  • Lovely portfolio. Would like to create with you one of these days.

  • I'd love to bee in the loop when you find yourself out and about. TYhanks!

  • Your photos are Incredibly Powerful, Resonate with emotion, and Beautiful Beyond Comprehension!! I really Love and Admire your work!

  • Love your images. Check mine out and let's shoot.
    I pay for shoots with fine art quality models.
    You can also txt me at 4153171440
    Ted Glenwright

    • Hi Ted! I'd love to shoot with you but I'm all the way up in Portland, Oregon now. Will let you know if I make it back to the Bay!

  • HI. Your work is dynamic. I am booking workshops, publication shoots and art shoots for the next 3 months. These start as early as Feb 3. Are you taking on new work? I can forward a link to some of the possibilities. What is your e-mail? My immediate goal is to fill the one modeling slot open for Feb 3. Yet, there are many other opportunities as well.

    • Hi I'd love to work with you on any of these projects! I am available Feb. 3rd. Email me to discuss more!

    • No worries. Perhaps you were not meant to see it until you needed to see it. Maybe it was an amazing way to end the New Year and start with these words into 2020.
      <3 Always you. I find your magnanimity to be a extraordinary Super Power amongst your beautiful Juju and Mystical ways.
      Miss you. Happy Two Thousand and Twenty.

  • Thank you so much for being my Muse last weekend. You absolutely fascinate with your versatile expression and your lyrical cadence. You literally embodied the poetic narration of creativity. I cannot convey how talented you are in this little box. You're a beautiful that is incapable of being articulated to the point of summation. Without contestation or deliberation... I find you to be astonishing and I hope this perspective inspires a flooding of invitations to keep your in the wealth of good company and creative minds.

    • Thank you John! Can't believe I didn't see this till now... thank you so much for choosing me to work with! That was an epic adventure and I adore your kindness and the poeticness of your soul. Your passion is infectious and I feel blessed our paths crossed and we got to make magic together. Looking forward to next time and wishing you all the best <3

  • You have a wonderful portfolio of artistic poses. Thanks for adding a couple of my images to your gallery.

  • Amazing portfolio, beautiful posing and figure.

  • I would love to work with you sometime. Very beautiful work.

  • Thank you for the gallery adds. Beautiful portfolio. Namaste

    • THANK YOU- your work is so inspiring!!

    • Thank you for the compliment. AZ and SoCal provide many beautiful desert locations.