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IMPORTANT BOOKING INFO : hello everyone! I'm getting a lot of questions to book me I decided to make a post so you understand what is currently going on : In the beginning of august... more
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Carlotta devinia



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Carlotta devinia

about Carlotta devinia


hello everyone!
I'm getting a lot of questions to book me I decided to make a post so you understand what is currently going on :
In the beginning of august I fell and i broke 2 vertebrae .. This is extremely painful and is very weird to have this at my age..
Today I went to the hospital again, and they are giving me stronger painkillers (because now all I can do is lie in my bed..) and they decided to do a scan to find a reason why I broke my bones so easily..
For bookings this means I probably cannot shoot this year anymore, I hope you want to bare with me and book me for next year when I hopefully am better and stronger then ever!
WANT TO BOOK ME? send me a message already and I will happily put you on the list of people that want to work with me when I can start up again..
Thanks a lot for reading this,
have a nice evening!

Im a passionate model, dancer and make up artist ( send me a message for an up to date polaroid), originally from Belgium. I graduated from the dance academy in Rome and I'm ready to travel around and create some amazing art!

I Love travelling (I speak 4 languages Wink ) , animals (I dont work with real fur!) and ofcourse my modelling and dancing!

I am like a chameleon,give me any look or style and I will rock it! I'm driven, enthousiastic and I will give myself 100% to do a good job. I have a strong will and if I want something, I go for it.

Want to work with me?

I can provide a wide range of shootstyles; beauty,fashion,commercial,art,dance,lingerie,swimwear,editorial,workshops, modelling days, covered nude, topless,artistic nude

I am also really good with bringing pure emotions in a picture!

As a dancer i know perfectly how to move my body so i pose really easily, I am specialised in Contemporary dance and Ballet, but can do other styles as well (for example: flamenco,jazz...)

I have a really good skin and often i shoot with (barely) no make up, I can provide basic make up myself and soon I will be a make up artist too! so hit me up with the ùmake up you want and i will look if i can do this! I do have a wide range of clothingstyles so this I can also provide, although I also love to shoot with a stylist!

Another feature that a lot of people like: My hair! I have hiplength hair and you can do a lot of things with it on shoots!


If you want to know my rates: send me a message with what kind of shoot you want to do with me and if you want me to do my make up etc and i will happily provide you with an answer, also if you live far away,keep an eye on my travel notices Smile

I rarely do Tfp because I cant live from that, you can always ask but dont be offended if it's not possible for me.

Hope to meet you soon!




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  • Your Photos are Captivating, Powerfully Emotive, and Profoundly Beautiful!! Your Portfolio is Amazing, I Really Love Your Work, You too have a new follower!! It would be an Honour and Privilege to create with you one day!! I wish you All the Best, and I look forward to seeing more of your Stunning work!!

    • Thank you so much for these beautiful words !! have a good 2024 and looing forward to create stunning images with you one day!

  • Very beautiful and lovely work!