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My name is Beatrice Morgana and I am originaly from Italy, but now live in Washington DC. I am frequently in New York and Philadelphia as well. I am a professional dancer, my main... more
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Beatrice Morgana



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Beatrice Morgana

about Beatrice Morgana


My name is Beatrice Morgana and I am originaly from Italy, but now live in Washington DC. I am frequently in New York and Philadelphia as well.

I am a professional dancer, my main style is Voguing, that's how I learned to pose and to walk the runway.

I am told that my years of dance experience have made me a natural to modeling. After I had the great opportunity to walk the Red Carpet at Venice International Film Festival and I decided to focus more on my modeling career.

I currently model for lifestyle, fashion and portrait photographers. More recently, I have started to do art nude modeling, where I have enjoyed the collaboration with many creative photographers.

I enjoy working with all levels of photographers, from beginners to experienced, and I’ve modeled for many workshops.

I am able to style my own hair and makeup but I would love to work with hair and makeup artists.

I am an art lover in general, open to new concepts and ideas. I would like to work with photographers but also with painters, bodypainters, sculptors, sketching and drawing artists.

I love traveling and meeting new people with different cultures and backgrounds.


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  • Amazing photos! If you happen to visit Toronto please let me know :)

  • Had great shoot with Beatrice; what a sweet soul. It was a joy to work together!

  • Are you in NYC Now?

  • Just wanted to say hi and let you know that I haven't forgotten that we need to get a shoot in soon

  • Stunning artist

  • When is your next date to NYC?

  • Having worked only once with this fantastic model I cannot say enough about her connectivity, power and presence. Truly a rising star in the touring firmament, I look forward to both seeing her again and seeing an amazing career in the offing. If you have a chance to work with her, DO.

    • Thank you so much! I can't wait to work with you again! You are an amazing creative soul

  • Your photos are Incredibly Powerful, Resonate with Emotion, and Beautiful on so Many Levels!! I really Love your work!

  • Are you still modeling?

  • Your portfolio is just so beautifully put together. I Love It! I can’t wait to work with you again.

  • Fantastic portfolio. Definitely, you are a natural, not an image that looks over-posed. Must have been those years of dancing. Awesome!

  • Beatrice! Thanks for the nudge! '- )
    So wonderful to meet -- I'll look forward to the next!

  • I would be honored to have you in my Table Book. I am in the NYC area and if you glance again to NYC then give me a shout out ... if anything would love to meet you and imagine you in my table book. ... perhaps fate this year will allow me my NYC Gallery Presentation. If only I could steal your eyes my dear.

  • You have so many wonderful images. Truly beautiful work!

  • Lovely portfolio you have here. Let me know when you will be in my area (Hampton Roads)

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