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I’m Ayeonna Gabrielle, I grew up in Northwest Florida, but am now based out of Houston, TX. I never originally planned on becoming a full time travel model, but life had other plans... more
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Ayeonna Gabrielle



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Ayeonna Gabrielle

about Ayeonna Gabrielle


I’m Ayeonna Gabrielle, I grew up in Northwest Florida, but am now based out of Houston, TX. I never originally planned on becoming a full time travel model, but life had other plans for me so here I am and loving it! I’ve been modeling since early spring of 2017 and travel modeling since 2019. I have done hundreds of shoots across various genres and I love to make your ideas come to life. To me being your muse and letting your ideas be expressed through my work is my favorite part of modeling. Plus meeting all the wonderful people I have met throughout the years!


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  • I enjoyed working with you and love seeing your talent here! Let's stay in touch!

  • Thanks for all the love on my images. Your port is off the charts; would love to work together if you ever make it to N MN!

  • Powerful work

  • oh cool - thanks for finding me here! Awesome portfolio

  • Thank you for adding one of my images to your gallery!! Your work is is Magnificent!!

  • Thank you for adding a couple of my pics for some inspiration. You have a great portfolio.

  • Really diverse and intriguing portfolio. I appreciate you adding a few of my images to your favorites gallery. Will take some time to look into the imagery presented here in detail in the near future. Keep up the great work!

  • Thanks so much for the follow. I've seen your work before, with Dwayne. I recognized your face from some of his work. Really great stuff you do!

    Hope to cross your path some time <3

  • Thank you for the follow! Good work here!

  • Hi Ayeonna, thanks for your interests in my work and I like your portfolio a lot and hope we can work together in the future. Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Hello Ayeonna Gabrelle -

    I appreciate your "like" and would likely want to work with sometime in the future.

    I would not pay a fee in advance. I just don't do it. I do ha0ve a studio in my apartment, I pay you on execution of the model release, I do two-day (16 hour) phootshoots and provide hosting while you would be here. If you think it sounds too good to be true I would be happy to provide some references if you'd like..

    And, since Nashville is only about two hours drive from Chattanooga, it's fairly easy to get here. There are other amenities that are included in being hosed. Inluding, laundry, wifi, a full kitchen, Anda full sized bed.

    Perhaps that would reduce any concerns you might have.

    Anyway, I do appreciate your Liking my portfolio.

    Thank you.


    • Hey Neil, that sounds great. I have been to Chattanooga several times and it is an easy drive!

  • Hi Ayeonna, Thank you so much for the follow. I view your portfolio and I absolutely Love your figure work. Wonderfully creative and well done. I hope to get back to shooting sometime in the near future but Please stay in touch okay.
    I will also add you on IG

  • Strong portfolio!

  • Welcome to Model Society!! You have a wonderful portfolio. Can't wait to see what other beautiful things you create here with the rest of the community :) We're here to help if you need anything along the way.

  • Nice to see you here. :-)

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