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Nude model based in Albany, NY. Primarily focused on creating classic figurative work. more
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Am Montoya



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Am Montoya

about Am Montoya


Nude model based in Albany, NY.

Primarily focused on creating classic figurative work.


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  • Are you in NY or California?

  • Gorgeous set of images there. So emotionally charged.

  • Your photos are Captivating, Powerful, Resonate with Incredible Emotion... and Beautiful in So Many ways!! Your Portfolio is Amazing, I Really Love Your Work, You have a follower!! It would be an Honour and Privilege to create with you one day!! I wish you All the Best, and I look forward to seeing more of your Incredible work!!

  • AM, Your work is exceptional. I see what I call textures of emotion, presence.. A sceptic might say "its the photographer's skills." I have looked at all of your work, with many photographers, and your magic is there across all of your work. I think you choose good photographers who can understand your abilities, lucky them! Best wishes.

  • Artful Physique

  • Great to see your here. Yout work is such an inspiration and joy :)

  • A very lovely and winning look. It is our pleasure to have sent our casting call to you via your website.

  • Awesome work!

  • Absolutely stunning ! Beautiful! Truly inspirational. Look forward to seeing more fro you in the future!

  • Lovely you are.

  • Love your classic look and the work you do! Hope to catch up with you on my next visit to LA.

  • Sorry I missed your dates her in NYC. I would have loved to work with you. Unfortunately I lost my best friend to a heart attack so I've been very preoccupied. Please let me know if you will be in my area again. I can also be reached at Thanks and much success.


  • Hi Am,

    Just return from Los Angeles approximately 3 hrs. ago. Will keep you in mind. Cheers

  • Hello Am,
    I'm in London until next Monday. How long would you be in Madrid?

  • Hello Am,
    I will be in China in October, but I will pass your contact to local photographers. All the best, M.

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