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Creative expression through the eyes of a model: My life is a constant journey of creative expression. Whether while posing for an art project or photoshoot, or during a human... more
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about AnudeMuse


Creative expression through the eyes of a model:

My life is a constant journey of creative expression. Whether while posing for an art project or photoshoot, or during a human interaction; there is always an emphasis on creation. One day it may be actually using my hands in a concrete art project, another it may be creating a new character in my day to day interactions with the people on the subway... Sometimes it could just be stepping back and changing my perspective before I speak/act...Other times it is trying a new way of listening or communicating... It could even be the way I style my outfit or walk down the street...Either way I feel that if one is truly an artist whether in the classical sense or in spirit, there is never actually a moment that does not have either undertones or the driving force as creation...Unless it is destruction which-always yields to and is in essence the foundation for creation...Which is why I love the medium of figure modeling because I am a part of making a vision a reality, ultimate creation.
Tools: Shadows, Lighting, Movement, Stillness, Curves, Angles, Expression, Long Hair, Joy, Sadness, Empathy, Incorporation, Make-Up, Creative Costuming, Whips, Fire, Art, Life, Nature, People, Creation, Interaction, Play, Beauty in the Unusual, Expression through Form

Member of Bay Area Models' Guild:

And The Human Art Collective:

So I have access to MANY DIFFERENT collaborators


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  •  Mykel
    last month

    creatively explosive body of work!!

  •  AnudeMuse
    3 months ago

    Summer touring will commence in June, May is in Pittsburgh, Pa with some day trips to Columbus, Ithica, Cincinnati, Buffalo, and Rochester...

  •  AnudeMuse
    10 months ago

    Back to the Bay July 18th! Can't wait to create along the West Coast again, and to have time for creation-play!

  •  AnudeMuse
    11 months ago

    Goddess tour with the magical Reece Jolie
    -DC/MD/VA >>June 21 - 25th
    -Pittsburgh, PA >>June 26 - 30
    -Montreal >>July 1 - 6

  •  AnudeMuse
    2 years ago

    Art gives Beauty {especially human} Purpose.

  •  AnudeMuse
    3 years ago

    Oh to create outside with Like-Minded Co-Creators!!

  •  AnudeMuse
    3 years ago

    I am about to start a revolution.....Stay tuned

  •  AnudeMuse
    3 years ago

    I am so grateful to be given the opportunity to make art daily!

  •  AnudeMuse
    3 years ago

    Yes, It is true! I am refreshing my horseback riding skills for nude bareback shooting!

  •  Bill Irwin
    3 years ago

    Thanks for making contact, yes do let me know if you make it to NZ. We spent a few days around the Carmel area a couple of years ago - a pilgrimage for me to Edward Weston's roots :) - would love to go back sometime so nice to know you are nearby. Keep on enjoying life and making beautiful art :)

  •  AnudeMuse
    3 years ago

    Beauty, Beauty, everywhere.....In all its forms, all its glory, each divergence equally fair.... But what defines the beautiful, what embodies beauty, how to we experience it?

  •  AnudeMuse
    3 years ago

    I am so blessed, so blessed, so blessed..... Creation everyday is the best food for the soul.... And gratitude is my favorite drug....

  •  AnudeMuse
    3 years ago

    I may burst from all this inspiration... Somebody please help me turn it into something useful so there is room for more!

  •  AnudeMuse
    3 years ago

    Yay freedom!!!! So excited to be back to full time creation!

  •  AnudeMuse
    3 years ago

    Any Courageous Souls want to create while playing in the rain?!?!!

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