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10 years veteran nude, glamour, alternative, & figurative model. Returning to work in my niches after a 2 year hiatus. more
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Sunken Owl



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Sunken Owl

about Sunken Owl


10 years veteran nude, glamour, alternative, & figurative model. Returning to work in my niches after a 2 year hiatus.


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  • S, how things, how have you been? Thoughts on making some photographs on film (again) after years of us not?

  • Doing a short film next week sometime. Please visit my site and get in touch with me asap if you're interested.

  • I never saw nor realized you responded. It has def been quite smtme btwn thence, & now. So, I shall DM you

  • Yes. I always reaffirm when someone says they live somewhere. sometimes they say they moved or they haven't lived there for a few years. but yes thank you glad to know you're near by. yes I would love to collaborate some work on my book and I look forward to showing you what I have so far but I'm always thinking I can get something better. I like the fact that you are also an artist as I would like to think I too am an artist. Would love to meet you and chat and talk about my book and submission images.

    • Oh no, my saying such was in regards to my knowingly putting I reside in BK via my profile. Yet, this site seemingly enough disregarding it to equate to Manhattan as the only borough of NYC.

      As for the collaboration pre-meet - sure that can be arranged. We can discuss your concept, payment, & all the in-between.

  • Love your web-site. Are you in Brooklyn?

    • E-mail me at I occasionally go to Williamsburg. Let's create some images.

    • Thank you!! Yes, I actually reside in Brooklyn, NYC. Idk why my location says anything other than such. Are you reaching out because you wish for me to be one of your subjects for your table book, &/or gallery work in the near future?

  • Welcome to MS!!

  • Welcome to Model Society! Your portfolio is stunning! So excited to see what other wonderful things you create here with the community. Let us know if we can help with anything along the way!