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Hello everyone and welcome to my website, Who is Sofie? I am a 26 years old Dutch model based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands (but available to travel world-wide). Shooting is my... more
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about Sofie


Hello everyone and welcome to my website,
Who is Sofie?

I am a 26 years old Dutch model based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands (but available to travel world-wide). Shooting is my passion and I love being in front of the camera.

Before concentrating on modelling full-time, I studied Nursing, I worked in a hospital as a nurse for 2 years and traveled the world for 2 years.

As traveling is another passion of mine I hope to be able to combine these 2 and shoot all over the world.

Experience and interests

In July 2016 I started modelling in Berlin. I always flirted with the idea but in never seemed like a viable persuit. In Berlin I bumped into Ellis Marell a hobby photographer specialising in fine and nude art, who’s style I reveared from the offset. My fiancee encouraged me and instilled a little more confidence for me to try a shoot. The shoot was a great succes and two of the pictures were published.

Inspired by this I began to shoot regularly with my fiancee, and with those pictures I started my Instagram account which grew quickly, through this a number of photographers made contact with me to shoot. From then I grew ever more inspired to be an art-nude model, I have been shooting regularly ever since and have never stopped learning and focusing on trying to be better with each shoot.

I especially have a passion for nude-art and fine-art but I also like doing other shoots. I love going out of my way for thé picture, wether that is being in an uncomfortable position or posing in extreme weather conditions or circumstances, including a snow shoot, being hung upsidedown by only my feet and possing in water where I couldn't even bring myself to think about what was also in there.

I grew up on a farm and had my own horses. I love all animals and I’m rarely uncomfortable around them. So posing on or with animals is not a problem for me as long as they are well treat. In my study years I used to rock climb a lot from which I still have the technique. So if we go to shoot outdoors don’t be surprised if I want to climb and explore for a good picture!

I would like to describe myself as enthusiastic, open-minded, creative, daring, funny and engaging. I'm a very social model who likes to go out of her way to create the best pictures.

I am mainly looking for paid assignments, though I may occasionally accept TFP if it would benefit both parties, and if I find your project interesting. I will travel if my travel expenses are paid for. I am extremely comfortable in front of the camera and I enjoy nudes and sometimes also erotics that are done tastefully and professionally. However, it is my decision as to what I deem tasteful.

If you think you can offer something special for my portfolio, I am willing to negotiate.

Hope to see you at a shoot :)


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  • Rick Gordon  Photographer Rick Gordon
    last year

    Thanks for the add! If your travels ever take you to South Florida, it'd be a pleasure combining our talents with a photo shoot!

    • OnnoVeerman Photographer OnnoVeerman
      last year

      Read "about Sophie" with great curiosity, and would be interested in a cooperation - and both of us living in Amsterdam should make it fairly easy :-)

      • Tony Aldridge Photographer Tony Aldridge
        last year

        Thanks for being a part of such a great image. Keep it up. I am sure I will be adding many more images you are a part of to this and my other galleries.

        • Mykel Photographer Mykel
          last year

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