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Hi, I'm Sienna :) I was born and raised in Toronto where I began modeling as a hobby in 2011. I had always admired the arts, and when I did my first nude shoot I was thrilled to... more
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Sienna Hayes



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Sienna Hayes

about Sienna Hayes


Hi, I'm Sienna :)

I was born and raised in Toronto where I began modeling as a hobby in 2011. I had always admired the arts, and when I did my first nude shoot I was thrilled to discover that I could express myself creatively through my body. I spent the next several years building upon my skills and experience, and decided to take the plunge into full-time modeling when I graduated from university in 2015.

I began to build a global reputation through touring extensively across Canada, The United States, Europe, and Australia. The next big chapter in my modeling career occurred in 2017 when I was granted an "Extraordinary Ability" visa by the USCIS for my accomplishments as an art model. I subsequently relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area. The other locations listed in my profile reflect places I will be traveling to soon.

I thoroughly invest myself in every shoot and am dedicated to creating the best possible images. I am willing to hike great distances, climb rocks or trees, and walk around broken glass in order to get the perfect shot. I love to make artists' visions come to life and most enjoys shoots where I can be a collaborative partner in the creative process.

Booking Info
To schedule a shoot with me, please send me a private message with your location in the subject line. Please include as much of the following information as possible:
-the suggested date, time and duration
-the concept
-hair/makeup/and wardrobe requirements

I would highly recommend reading through my booking policies prior to contacting me. This will clarify a lot of questions you may have such as my rates, limitations, and my general expectations for photo shoots.

Do you shoot TF?
No, I accept paid assignments only.

What is your current hair colour/style?
I no longer have bangs, and I am currently growing out my hair. It now reaches approximately to the top of my bust. My hair has been my natural colour for the last several years, which depending on the light/who you ask is either a dark blonde or light brown with reddish hues. I post new work regularly on my instagram if you wish to see my current look.

Can you do your own hair/makeup?
Yes. I do my own hair and makeup for the majority of my shoots, although I gravitate towards a natural look. I always bring my makeup kit to a shoot in case you want to make some changes.
However, if you are after something complex, or if the makeup style is central to the shoot, I would suggest hiring a MUA.

I hope to hear from you all soon!


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  • Sienna your work is stunning and inspiring! I would love to work with you and I also live in California :)

  • Such a stunning portfolio. Really beautofil work!

  • Beautiful work!

  • Lovely to connect with you here too my friend! A truly inspirational body of work you've created :)

  • Thanks, your image made it onto the Administrators Gallery

  • Great port Sienna....

  • Nice work, if you travel to Florida let me know and I'd love to work with you

  • You're an incredibly lovely model - if you make it to Maine in your travels, please let me know.

  • beautiful. The simplicity of your appearance on camera take me to the high Renaissance period. Will love to work with you

  • So lovely! Can't wait for our shoot...

  • An amazing portfolio. I enjoyed the visit.

  • Wow beautiful, you create amazing art. So impressive and expressive. I love the quality of your posing and the emotion you are able to bring to the photograph.. Thank you so much for inspiring models such as myself and sharing your wonderful portfolio here..

  • Exceptional Figure portfolio

  • Beautiful work in not so friendly environments.... Kudos to you!

  • Fabulous work - brave and beautiful!

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