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Background Bio: Sekaa is a professional traveling model based out of Southern California, USA. She’s an all-natural brunette with an athletic build and a passionate heart. Utilizing... more
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about Sekaa


Background Bio: Sekaa is a professional traveling model based out of Southern California, USA. She’s an all-natural brunette with an athletic build and a passionate heart. Utilizing her former experience as a contemporary ballet dancer, Sekaa exuberates both strength and grace with her emotive gestures and dynamic poses. She began modeling after she developed the need for a creative outlet from her intensive studies in the sciences. She started exploring herself in the arts and has been modeling full-time since the summer of 2013. Since then, she has rapidly gained attention and is now being displayed in galleries throughout the globe and has been published in several art-nude books and magazines. She has posed for photography masters such as Brooke Shaden, Greg Gorman, George Holz, Kim Weston, Thomas Holm and more. Sekaa currently models throughout the US extensively, and is passport ready for international travel. 

Artist's Statement: I am here to create art, in every sense of the word. I use my movement to express, and aim to bring a given project's vision to life. Through expressing some of what I hold inside, I want to bring you closer with the love, beauty, pain, destruction, and rebirth we all constantly endure through various mediums and in several magnitudes. Dare to take a glimpse at my experience?

Now available as model, photographer, mentor, writer, creative director. 


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  • I love your work, especially the environmental art nude shots. You are truly at home in nature and become one with your environmental surroundings. I would love to work with you in the future in some great spots I know in Utah.

  • Outstanding work and look, Sekaa :)

  • Artistic - Beauty and Emotion!! Stellar Portfolio

  • Beautiful and varied portfolio. You seem to have a great gift for modeling and curating the images you display here. I am sorry to have missed an opportunity to work with you at the Weston Workshops I have attended. When I was last working in Joshua Tree I believe you were away on another event. Hope our paths cross in the near future. Love your work!

  • I have loved your work ever since I discovered Model Society. I've rarely seen one model with so many sublime images in their portfolio. Thank you for making this world more beautiful with your art!

  • Your very welcome.

  • Your work is absolutely amazing. All your photos are an experience. I have no words...

  • A stunning portfolio Sekaa, which is full of creative work! I particularly love your environmental art nude poses.

  • original, unique and splendid port

    and I prefer "to shoot with music" ;)

  • Just plain awesome.

  • Hello! Just wanted to say your posing skills are awesome and I hope life is treating you well.
    R x

  • Fairly too long to I some things fix… to much to gone…!


  • Lovely port. Been a fan for a while. Glad to see you here!!

  • Beautiful and creative portfolio :)

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