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My name is Alexandra known in photocommunity as Saju or Saju90 ( you can google me for more of my work) i am Russian with little bit of Korean blood ( Sashka or Sashenka called by... more
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about Saju


My name is Alexandra known in photocommunity as Saju or Saju90 ( you can google me for more of my work) i am Russian with little bit of Korean blood ( Sashka or Sashenka called by friends) i am a medical student in Belarus. I know my photos not as great as models usually have but it's my start and i promise they will be better. I would like to meet new people here, get some ideas and some pointers on what I should do and what shouldn't, make new friends and hopefully earn some money in this field.

I am very easy to work with i can travel to Europe easily (I have a visa) .

I am very flexible with my body i can do some difficult figure shots that required flexibility ( no i am not flexible as gymnast but much more flexible than normal person) , i was going to Modern Dance school from age 5 thru 14.
Feel free to contact me for glamour, erotic, fetish nudes i feel very comfy with my body also can shoot girl/girl scene if it tasteful one and girl is cutie wink Ready to travel .

My single condition for shoot wink, i usually goto photo shot with friend of mine for my own peace of mind and my live English translator ( if it paid shoot of course hes expenses i taking care on my own )

So here I am. Please feel free to let me know what's bad or what's good in my first photos and I will try my best to build my portfolio with your help.
Thank you all in advance.


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  •  Macro
    1 days ago

    I concur with Artpix Photography. Your work is some of the best i've anywhere. My compliments to you and all involved in creating your images. I can only dream of having you as my muse. Much success.

  • Sashenka, firstly you have an amazing look and secondly your photos are as great as any models. Most would love to have your look and portfolio.
    I would love to shoot you one day if you are interested and since I come to Europe regularly, maybe we can set up a shoot in the future.

  •  Steven World
    last year

    Love your looks, style and confidence.

  •  Terry Slater
    last year

    Please just let me know when you are back in London or Valencia. I would love to shoot with you..

  •  AIMStudios, LLC
    last year

    I have followed your work with Dan Fehr on 500px for some time. So glad to see you here on Model Society

  •  Neil Jacobson
    last year

    Dear Saju -

    I doubt that we will ever have an opportunity to work together. Since you are in central Europe and I'm in the US. If you do find yourself in the eastern part of Tennessee, I would be happy to photograph you.

    I host models coming through just so you know. And I have never had a problem with a model bringing an escort.

    Anyway, I have read your profile and looked at you portfolio. I don't see that you have anything to worry about. In my opinion.your poses and expressiveness are quite good. I suppose that we all keep on leaning and improving on the things that we're passionate about and nothing elicits passion like the arts.

    In the unlikely chance that our paths should cross I would certainly be pleased to work with you. Otherwise, good luck and be confident that you are very good at what you do now. I only expect that you will continue to improve over time.

    Neil Jacobson

  •  dvan
    last year

    Super model

  •  Al Fess
    2 years ago

    Your stunning, only wish you were in the states.

  • Still amazed by your work - hope you'll visit Australia one day

  •  L V
    2 years ago

    like to work with you some time this year2015 lets do this ok.

  • Love your work!
    Great Portfolio!!!

  • You are amazing… I was just in Berlin. Wish we could have collaborated.

  • Simply beautiful!

  •  Pablo
    4 years ago


  •  Magicc Imagery
    4 years ago

    How lovely to see that you are here also ;-)

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