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Oh my! I'm going to be published by Model Society Magazine! You can get your free preview of this unique and exciting upcoming issue now by clicking here -... more
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Rosa Brighid



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about Rosa Brighid


Oh my! I'm going to be published by Model Society Magazine! You can get your free preview of this unique and exciting upcoming issue now by clicking here - - Thank you ♥

"This beautiful publication will include more than 50 pages of stunning images from some of Model Society's finest photographers. It is a remarkable tribute to Rosa Brighid, an art model who is inspiring photographers and fans around the world"

Signed Prints are available- Please drop me a message and I can send you the details ♥


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CARAMELLA: The Skin Issue (14) 2015

Elite Online Magazine - Issue 74 is out now!

NIF Magazine -

Model Society: "Your human body is not a crime" 2015

Featured in an article by Terry King!

Featured in an article by Tim Pile -

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I am now casting for advanced bookings across the UK, and open to offers abroad. I am willing to travel around the UK and always looking to network and improve my abilities. I am determined, dedicated, professional and patient. I'm an experienced model with a spice for life, looking to improve as a model and enjoy my time doing it. I want to create exciting, fun images and to be able to experiment with different styles, moods and concepts. Make-up and hair is always done to a high standard, but don't mind working with MUA's, other models or hair stylists either.

2016 Tour Dates

28th May - Wokingham

29th May - Wolverhampton

4th - 12th June - Reading/London

17th - 20th Isle of Wight

30th June - 5th July Wales

15th & 16th July - Reading

21st - 25th July - Newcastle

13th - 16th August - Northamptonshire

2nd - 5th September Wales

6th - 14th September Spain

16th - 18th September Hersham

23rd - 26th September Staffordshire


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  • B33906 Photographer B33906
    12 months ago

    Spectacular images on your port, thank you for sharing your work.

    • josh Model josh
      last year

      Your work is spectacular - big fan, and thanks for the inspiration, Rosa.

      • DKA Photographer DKA
        3 years ago

        Excellent video through the MS email, by the way....

        • Great port and a stunning look. Please come to Australia!!

          • Adam Photographer Adam
            3 years ago

            stunning work! very beautiful

            • Very Nice Portolio!!

              • Jonathan Charles Photographer Jonathan Charles
                5 years ago

                Beautiful and a nice variety of styles.

                • JW53 Photographer JW53
                  5 years ago

                  lovely work

                  • Tony Aldridge Photographer Tony Aldridge
                    5 years ago

                    Very Nice Portfolio

                    • Mark Bigelow Photographer Mark Bigelow
                      5 years ago

                      Some lovely work here.

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