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TRAVELLING: I love traveling and travel around and outside Europe regularly!!! Keep an eye open to see when I will travel to your area. August 2016: Germany, Denmark, Sweden... more
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Riona Neve



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about Riona Neve



I love traveling and travel around and outside Europe regularly!!! Keep an eye open to see when I will travel to your area.

August 2016: Germany, Denmark, Sweden (south)


I have been working as a full time model for almost 10 years now. I'm easy to work with and a very fluent poser but also easily take directions to get the result you have in mind. I love it when you involve me in the realization of your ideas so we can work on them together to create the images you want. Professional attitude and good reputation.
I recently got into acting and dancing and I love it!

I am an actress. I can be anything, any one. I have been both beautiful and ugly, shy and outgoing, broken and perfect, I can be sensual, strong and fierce or pure, innocent and sweet. Naked or dressed. But above all, I will always be a perfectionist.


You can book me with styling and make up included, or choose to book an independent make up artist and/or stylist.

If you choose to book me with styling and make up included: Unique styling guaranteed, whether they are pieces I designed and created myself or designer pieces made to measure. I also have a few latex designs I created. I'm also a sponsored model for Belgian luxury lingerie brand 'La Chaton Bottée' and have wide collection of quality wigs.

I can do my own hair and make-up (if there is no MUA mentioned in the credits, I did the make up myself). I am not a professional make up artist, but I know my face and how make up and hair works with my face. If you have a more advanced look in mind, please send me photos up front so I can test the look before our shoot.
Just tell me what you have in mind and I'll see what we can do to make it perfect!

If you would rather book me and book an independent stylist, designer or make up artist,please do not hesitate to contact me. I love working with a team!
Even though I am skilled in doing my own make up, I recommend working with a make up artist. They always bring a different energy and style of make up. The more extreme and eccentric, the better!


BeNeLux: Modeling fee and travel expenses. I can travel by car or by public transportation.
Europe: Modeling fee, travel expenses and possibly hotel. I can fly to your location, or -within reason- travel by public transportation or car.
Anywhere else: I can travel anywhere if model fee and all expenses are covered, keep an eye out for my travel notices as travel expenses are lower when I'm on tour!

No TFP at the moment. Please ask me for my rates - I am a fulltime, professional model with VAT number -> invoice is possible. I can send you a quote upon request.


Hair: Short ashwhite bob, small fringe
Mods: several earrings, including a 4mm stretch (hidden with a flesh coloured plug); small tattoo in the shape of a star on my right hip


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