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Hello artists and photographers! I go by "Riccella" which is my maiden name, hinted with Italian, German, and Swedish. I have enjoyed being a lifestyle/fineart model in southern Utah... more
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about Riccella


Hello artists and photographers! I go by "Riccella" which is my maiden name, hinted with Italian, German, and Swedish. I have enjoyed being a lifestyle/fineart model in southern Utah and surrounding areas for a little over 5 years and have also been working as a freelance model for photographers who appreciate art and the female form. Please serious inquiries only.

NEW: ***Redken pH-Bonder live video … 166132756/***

Non-nudes: 50$-75$ hrly (varies/negotiable)
Fineart nudes: 150$-250$ hrly (varies/negotiable)

******Cover model for North American Hairstyling Awards Tribute Journal2016******
**** Modern Salon July 2016 pg. 84****
**** NAHA2016 model for "Newcomer Finalist****
**** First nude figure model at Dixie State University starting 2013****
**** Displayed in 9th And 9th Pilates, Salt Lake City, Ut.****
**** Published Southern Utah Bride Magazine****
**** Model Society Feature****
**** Published on DailyMail United Kingdom****
**** Bangstyle****
**** Displayed on Professional Beauty Association album cover****
**** Collection of Figurative Work***

"Riccella is an absolute doll!! She's very friendly, reliable, and absolutely stunning! She has a beautiful energy and is very easy to direct! She has striking features that are very hard to come by these days and I am honored to have worked with her!" ~MM: 1302674

"I just wanted to let you know that we featured your work in the Model Society newsletter that went out yesterday. We put a lot of care into selecting images that offer depth and variety in the contemplation of human beauty as art. It was a pleasure to include you. ~Model Society

"There are a lot of great models but only few who could put a soul into each of the images. You nailed it!" ~ MM: 1814589

"This is why you're awesome! You can make fully clothed look sexy and make completely nude into art." ~ Student

"Thanks for having such a brilliant and beautiful page..and to understand art form. Greetings from India." ~ Anonymous

"You are an awesome model with exceptional skills, poise,grace,professionalism, humility, and beauty.
Working with you these past several days was a delightful and extremely productive shooting process in often difficult location settings. Your enthusiasm in giving the project all of your 'best', has borne the fruits of major success. I hop I will soon be afforded another for us to collaborate on another project.
Ricella, thanks for just being the wonderful woman you are,
Your friend,
Larry Blau" ~ MM:1212193


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  • Chelsea Jo Model Chelsea Jo
    last year

    Absolutely STUNNING WORK!!! WOW!! You are a goddess!! Keep up the fantastic work! I look forward to seeing more!

    • Mila Model Mila
      last year

      I love the variety. Very nice work!

      • Mykel Photographer Mykel
        2 years ago

        Love the Red Rocks and of course your fabulous portfolio!

        • Jyves Photographer Jyves
          3 years ago

          You are an artist, love your work

          • Adam Photographer Adam
            3 years ago

            gorgeous photos

            • C Mirene Photographer C Mirene
              3 years ago

              Thank you so much! My son lives in Vegas and used to live in park city. I've been out there before and hope to again. Lovely work!

              • Peaquad Imagery Photographer Peaquad Imagery
                3 years ago

                Thank you for following me. It's very flattering!

                • samcneil75 Photographer samcneil75
                  3 years ago

                  Thank you for your nice comment. I currently move to the east coast but I do travel quite a bit so a shoot someday would not be out of the question.

                  • DCPhoto Photographer DCPhoto
                    3 years ago

                    Ha! Now I found you on Model Society! :) We really need to shoot together sometime! :)


                    • Kseniia  Model Kseniia
                      3 years ago

                      you are gorgeous. Stunning port. Go ahead. Will love to see more of your work.

                      • Thomas Sauerwein Photographer Thomas Sauerwein
                        4 years ago

                        Thankyou! good luck here, you are stunning....

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