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Hello, and thank you for viewing my profile. I am a curious and inquisitive person interested in creative exploration through modeling. I am an older model who might represent the... more
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about Rhynelmrk


Hello, and thank you for viewing my profile.

I am a curious and inquisitive person interested in creative exploration through modeling. I am an older model who might represent the "everyday man". I'm not ripped or trim, I'm not 25 years old, but I am open-minded and would like to work with photographers and other artists who have a creative and artistic vision for their work.

I will work with photographers of all skill levels and value communication with a photographers to help them realize a desired look or expression for a given photograph. I would love to be someone's "everyday model".

I prefer that my face be hidden or indistinct, but aside from that, I would like to work with photographers who do bodyscapes; macro photography; and nudes in outdoor settings, abandoned buildings, public spaces, balconies, trains, cemeteries, junkyards, or any other such venues--including at night.

I would like to work with conceptual photography as well. I'm willing to climb into spaces, boxes, clothes dryers (if they're big enough), hang out a window or doorway, shoot in colored light, and just about anything else you might come up with.

I have a little knowledge of photography, so that helps me know what to look out for while we shoot, how or where to stand in different lighting, how to take your direction, and I can also take care to let you know when you're strobes aren't firing or if your flashes are overheating :)

If you like what you're reading and what you see in my portfolio, write me and let's make some art together!


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  • Nice portfolio and you, sir, are a brave man.
    I have photographed myself a few times and I was satisfied with the images, but not brave enough to post them, but... I might change my mind. Keep up the great work in the Windy City.

    • Kelly Rae Daugherty Photographer Kelly Rae Daugherty
      11 months ago

      Expressive and beautiful modeling!

      • Chelsea Jo Model Chelsea Jo
        last year

        Love how beautiful the male body is portrayed in your photos. Stunning work! Keep it up. Cant wait to see more!

        • great portfolio

          • Jyves Photographer Jyves
            last year

            Thanks for your visit. Great port, I enjoy it.

            • josh Model josh
              last year

              Thanks for the follow - fantastic imagery you have.

              • marga Model marga
                last year

                Interesting and intriguing portfolio ! Compliments.

                • WW images Photographer WW images
                  last year

                  Thank you for including one of my images in your gallery!

                  • StudioVi2 Photographer StudioVi2
                    last year

                    It makes us happy that you choose one of our images to take place in your gallery.

                    • GerardChillcott Photographer GerardChillcott
                      2 years ago

                      Thank you for including my image in your beautiful gallery!

                      • Just wanted to say thanks very much for viewing my work and adding a few of the images to your galleries! Special thanks for the kind words on the portrait of Ryan. Best, Fon

                        • Elki Model Elki
                          3 years ago

                          Thanks again for stopping by and for following and including me in one of your galleries!
                          Continued success!

                          • KatrinaWhite Model KatrinaWhite
                            4 years ago

                            Thank you for following my work :)

                            • Stunning!

                              • pblieden Photographer pblieden
                                4 years ago

                                Thank you for following my portfolio and adding my images to your gallery.

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