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I am an experienced Art model with an extensive background in dance. I have worked with many talented and respected photographers all over the United States. Other genres I enjoy... more
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Ree Ja



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Ree Ja

about Ree Ja


I am an experienced Art model with an extensive background in dance. I have worked with many talented and respected photographers all over the United States. Other genres I enjoy shooting are fetish and bondage, specifically Shibari.

I like to push the limits of what society traditionally considers Art to be, and am willing to give everything I have to get the shot. Whether on location or in the studio, my goal is to bring the photographer's concept to life. I want to create images that the viewers can connect with emotionally on a personal level or perhaps surprise themselves with an attraction to something they never though they would find beautiful. I love pictures that tell a story, or dramatic images overflowing with emotion that can be cause different reactions in different people.. I love images so beautiful that I stop and stare, and want whatever they're selling. Images so sexy you can burn your fingertips if you try to touch the page.

Art modeling is my passion and was my main source of income until about four years ago. After a long rough patch, I am getting ready to start shooting again late this year. I have some physical scarring, and a full sleeve tattoo on my left arm, but have the same energy and emotion that I have always invested in every shoot. I will continue to contribute everything I have to turn creative concepts into images that cause emotional reactions beyond the ordinary picture. I want to help create Art at it's highest level, and am confident that my talent for expression, experience as a dancer, knowledge in posing, and years of experience as an art model who has worked with so many of the best photographers will allow me to get back to doing what I love as if no time had passed at all.
Anyone needing further details before considering me for future projects are free to message me. I will be available sometime late in the year, after a personal medical situation has been resolved.
Any input, opinions, or advice, good and bad, are welcome and encouraged.

At this time I am only working in New York and the surrounding areas. I will be back to traveling long distances in the future. If you are interested, but not close, send me a message and we can plan for the future.

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  • Glad to catch up with your work again. Used to follow you on Deviant art before it went to crap. Glad to see your still modeling. Still loving the work.

  • Amazing model

  • I've complimented you on your work in the past and am glad to do it again here on this site. You are a true artist and you never cease to amaze me with your abilities and unique artistic understandings. I am always interested in seeing what you do next...

  • very nice to meet you here again!

  • Amazing shots!!!

  • Your ego is quite welcome and it's well-deserved!

  • I had to make a new gallery to hold all of your amazingness :-D You have incredible emoting skills in all of your's really inspiring, so thank you :-)

  • Your work is amazing, and given our (relative) proximity, I hope we can work together some day!

  • The pleasure was all mine, Vahid!

  • Thank you so much, Ree. It was a real honor working with you.

  • Hi Ree! It's a pleasure to see you here. Love your portfolio. Beautiful as always!

  • Thank you very much! I'm very new to this site, and slowly learning my way around. I hope to upload a more complete portfolio as time allows. Your compliment is appreciated and the feeling is mutual! It was so nice to be welcomed by you in such a way!


  • I'm loving your portfolio! Not only how you are in your images, but your image selection is impeccable. Beautiful!