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All You need to know, I am... A full time agency represented model with experience in Body paint and life modelling. Punctual. Professional. Hard working.... more
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about Peliroja


All You need to know,

I am...

A full time agency represented model with experience in Body paint and life modelling.



Hard working.



In shape.


I have attitude and personality.

*I always turn up prepared for a shoot. I work to a high standard and always aim to give the best possible results that I can.
*Hair and make up will be done before I arrive at the shoot to a high standard unless asked to do otherwise. I always have my make up kit with me on a shoot in case of any adjustments needed and I can create a look if you have something specific in mind.
*Nails are always medium length French manicure.
*I have a large selection of clothing to fit many styles and I am always happy to invest in other outfits to get a specific look if I do not have what you are looking for.

About me

My name is Stephanie. I am fun to be around and passionate about what I do. I love trying out new ideas and I am pretty open to most things so long as they are within my levels. I love what I do and I love meeting new people through what I do. I also love to travel when I can afford it and I have spent time modelling in Ireland, Spain and the UK. I am experienced with animals. I grew up around dogs as we rescue them along side other animals like snakes, lizards, horses, farm animals, and small animals such as hamsters rabbits rats etc.. As I grew up on the west coast of Ireland I am somewhat of a tom boy so I am not worried about climbing trees or rolling around in the mud if it means we get the shot we are looking for

Rates - I charge £30 an hour for all levels. Half day rate £100, full day rate £180.
When contacting me for bookings please include the style of shoot, location and the duration.
Minimum 2 hour bookings.

Tattoos and piercings - I have one tattoo of a bird and a feather on my left shoulder blade. It is easily hidden with my hair if you are taking a nude back shot.

Piercings, I have one lobe piercing on each ear.

Body hair - I have neatly maintained pubic hair. I do not and will not shave for a shoot. As for the rest of me I am of course neatly shaven.

If you would like to email me directly you can reach me at or follow my Facebook link to my page and contact me there.


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  • Such a wonderful body of work. I am inspired. @guycarnegie

  • Your photos are Mesmerizing, Powerfully Emotive, and Immeasurably Beautiful!! I Really Love and Admire Your Work, You have a new follower!!