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An equine beauty: long, strong model with a ballet background, a uniquely long torso, and glorious, natural curves. Powerful, feminine, natural. Tattoo and modification free. No... more
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about Nymph


An equine beauty: long, strong model with a ballet background, a uniquely long torso, and glorious, natural curves.
Powerful, feminine, natural.
Tattoo and modification free.
No explicit work.
Proficient with hair and make-up.
Currently sporting natural pubic hair and a short bob with fringe.
Traveling everywhere, all of the time.
Ridiculously experienced and emphatically recommended.

Fashion -gasp-
Glamour *giggle*
Fine Art |muse|
Beauty {shine}
Fetish ^whimper^
Underwater ( love )
Casual ~smile~
Bodypaint 'evolve'
Editorial +growl+

... and many genres in between. Versatile body, face, mind. Please: feed my creativity, expand my horizons, engage my mind, help me surprise myself, challenge me; let's inspire each other.

If you would like to book me, please message directly, and I will do my best to respond in a timely manner, though sometimes I'm at the mercy of my relentless schedule.

Please visit for further information about booking and travel schedule.

1 - 2 Rochester
2 - 3 Syracuse
4 - 5 Albany
5 - 6 Boston
6 - 8 CT / RI
9 - 10 Poughkeepsie Region
10 - 15 NYC / NJ
15 - 17 Philly / So NJ
19 - 22 Copenhagen
22 - 23 Hamburg
23 - 26 Berlin
26 - 29 Prague

1 - 7 Kim Weston Workshop in Germany
9 - 10 Zurich
10 - 12 Barcelona
12 - 15 Paris
15 - 18 Belgium
18 - 24 Netherlands
26 - 29 NYC
29 - 31 Philly

1 - 4 DMV
5 - 6 Virginia
7 - 9 Carolinas (Charlotte based)
10 Nashville
11 St. Louis
12 Kansas City
13 Omaha
14 Denver
15 Salt Lake City
16 Boise
17 - 23 Off Grid
24 - 29 Dasha’s Utah Adventure Photo Tour
30 - Sept Salt Lake City

1 - 3 Salt Lake City
5 - 7 Reno / Tahoe
8 - 10 Kim Weston Workshop in Carmel
11 - 15 SFBA
16 - 17 Grass Valley
18 - 21 Sacramento
22 - 29 SoCal

1 - 6 Desert Hot Springs Workshop
6 - 8 Vegas
9 - 13 Phoenix
14 - 18 New Mexico
19 - 22 Merida
23 - 28 Mexico w/ UTadventure

3 - 13 Texas
13 - 17 New Orleans
17 - 18 Jackson
18 - 19 Birmingham
19 - 21 Atlanta
22 - 27 Carolinas


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  •  TheBodyMark
    3 weeks ago

    Truly amazing work.

  •  Spyro Zarifopoulos
    3 months ago

    Lovely work and very beautiful lady !!

  •  Kurostills
    8 months ago

    Some beautiful work in your portfolio.

  •  Roswell Ivory
    last year

    At the risk of being a creepy fangirl, your posing skills are some of the best I've ever seen. Really stunning.

    R x

    *goes red and scuttles off*

  •  Kim Weston
    last year

    Hi Nymph! Looking forward to your return. Hope you are having a wonderful time!

  •  Neil Jacobson
    last year

    Gwen -

    In case you haven't heard, I got booted from MM. They closed my account right as I was moving to Knoxville, TN.

    I was very recently given membership in Model Society and I see that you've been here for quite a while. I understand that you won't be coming this way on your current tour, but if you find yourself in the area I would happily try to coordinate a shoot with you.

    I have a two bedroom apartment and am hosting models regardless of whether I am working with them or not. If you're driving it could save you a night's stay at a hotel.

    Since Knoxville is right on I-40, you would have lots of options for access to the southeast and northeast as well.

    If interested just send me a message here on Model Society. I still have models that I know in MM and can get your email if I can't find it myself.

    It's good to see you posing for Model Society. I wish you luck. (and if you follow me I would be very grateful)


  •  DCPhoto
    2 years ago

    We really need to work together one of these days! Wonderful portfolio!

  •  timothycgoodwin
    2 years ago

    Beautiful portfolio!

  •  Monique
    2 years ago

    My dear, you are so lovely.

  •  BenErnst
    2 years ago

    Didnt test your limits yet, great fun to work with you. Fun, talkative, inspiring, brave and much more. Hope to explore more next time

  • Gorgeous work! Love to know if you're ever in Portland!

  •  Kor
    2 years ago

    Impressive body of work. I love the expressive poses. I am glad I got the opportunity to shoot with you.

  •  Thomas Sauerwein
    2 years ago

    Thanks for the "wow", you look like a lot of fun to work with...

  •  Stan Freedman
    2 years ago

    Can;t to meet and work with you on the 19th.

  •  DKA
    2 years ago

    Thank you so much for your very kind comment. It would be an honor to work with you someday! Perhaps it can be arranged at some point. Beautiful portfolio!

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