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My parents named me Muse when I was born. I live for art. For now that's all I have to say. more
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about Muse


My parents named me Muse when I was born.

I live for art.

For now that's all I have to say.


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  •  Mass Photo Guy
    3 months ago

    Lovely work. Any chance you'll be in Boston anytime soon?

  • Beautiful portfolio

  •  Mattman
    last year

    I love your work Muse! and your dedication. It is beautiful..

  •  Ethos Rol
    last year

    So much visual texture in all your images. Mood is just as tangible... Lovely work.

  •  Brian Southam
    last year

    Just beautiful

  • You have a fantastic style!

  •  Nilakantha
    last year

    I love your charisma !

  •  Al Fess
    2 years ago

    Bravo to your parents.

  •  Bart Boodts
    2 years ago

    Very expressive, natural. I love your work! When are you in Belgium?

  •  Katy T
    3 years ago

    Great to see you on here, Muse. Your work is always so beautiful. Hope to see you both next time I'm in town :)

  •  Mila
    3 years ago

    You, and your work, are splendid!

  •  Art Silva
    3 years ago

    What wonderful work you do, really Beautiful!

  •  Michael Lee
    3 years ago

    Beautiful work.

  •  RudyBrunnler
    3 years ago

    Amazing, beautiful portfolio ...breathtaking images!

  •  olivier
    3 years ago

    i really love your work

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