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Hola, my name is Bink and this is me: I am a 26 year old living in England. I have been modeling full time, specifically in the art nude genre, for near 7 years. I'm quite the... more
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Madame Bink



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Madame Bink

about Madame Bink


Hola, my name is Bink and this is me:

I am a 26 year old living in England. I have been modeling full time, specifically in the art nude genre, for near 7 years. I'm quite the nomad. I love my job, but that does not mean that I can work for free on your project.

I love to travel Like, I love it.

I live for it. I travelled none stop with no room or base at all for 4 years and in the past 3 I've lived in 4 different nooks of the UK. I'm not scared of trains, in fact we are friends. I also drive, brum brum. Just let me know your nearest station when you get in touch.

Please when contacting me regarding a shoot include the following details:

- Ideas for the shoot you had in mind

- Information on copyright and release forms

- Whether hair stylist and MUA are provided or not

- Dates that you are available

Rates: £45p/h [min 2 hours] £160 4 hours £275 up to 8 hours [must inc lunch break]
Unless discussed I'll expect payment to be in cash on the day. I do not accept cheques. If travelling abroad for a private booking I'll also have to ask you to pay for the flight. I will not book it and be reimbursed, especially if I've not worked with you before.

Worth noting currently:

- I am currently based out of Cornwall.

- I'm travelling with my mini wirehaired dachshund. He doesn't shed hair and he's tiny. Chances are he won't make you sneeze, his fur is clever like that.

- I'm travelling in a van. Please keep that in mind if you want to book me in a city centre. Advice with parking is always appreciated. Doubly so for over night parking.

- I have shaved. No underarm or leg hair. Pubic hair is natural but neat.

- I travel, constantly. You may have to wait a day or so for a reply. Emailing me here and also at madamebink@ (removed) is check as frequently as possible.

- I often have henna on my hands or soles of my feet. If this is a problem please let me know. However it is very beautiful and suits my look!

- I am awaiting dental work to be done, I can smile in shoots just not big toothy grins.

Best wishes, Bink


Madame Bink's Tours: I run tours of Lincolnshire/Lake District/Wiltshire/Cornwall. You bring your car and camera. I provide you with a wealth of locations and myself as a model. I am your guide, your satnav and your model. And I do all 3 well, my tours sell FAST. Please check references, most detail if they worked with me on a tour or not Smile We have a lovely time. These weeks are some of my favorite every year. If you are interested in any of my tours, get in touch to register and I will contact you with dates for you to get first refusal for my 2015 tours. Excited to have you on board and share some of my favorite spots around the UK with you.

Body hair: Currently, neat pubic hair and shaved legs/under arms.

Always read the small print people...

- I do have a cancellation fee, shoots cancelled within 1 week of the shoot date will mean I will need to be reimbursed the full shoot amount. Loosing money out my budget means limiting my travel, meaning I may not be able to come to your area in the future. In many cases I will see this as credit for a future shoot.

- You should all be aware that I will only give references for people I have actually worked with. Photographers and models alike.

- I pose in a way that I feel comes naturally from 7 years of working within the art nude genre. I do NOT aim to copy any ones work with my poses, if any of my images remind you of some one elses work this is because the human body only moves in so many ways, and perhaps we have the same colour hair.


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  • Absolutely Breathtaking Portfolio!! Your photos are Incredibly Evocative, Bold, Elegant yet Edgy, and Immeasurably Beautiful!! I Really Love and Am in Awe of Your Work, You have a new follower!!

  • Hello Bink, thanks for following.