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*Designer*Doll Artist*Painter*Sculptor*Illustrator *Model*Photographer*Stylist I am an all in one: Model/MUA and stylist! I do style all my shoots... more
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*Designer*Doll Artist*Painter*Sculptor*Illustrator

I am an all in one: Model/MUA and stylist! I do style all my shoots and do my own make up for some of my shoots as well.

My love for all things creative and pleasing to the eye have taken me on a process of learning and exploring. I have worked as a scenic painter for amusement parks to painting murals in mansions, I've been in the toy industry for nearly a decade and my creativity has lead me to design and concept everything from plush animals, play-sets, to my own line of dolls. I also have had my hands in the fashion world working as a designer for textiles, screen prints as well as having a deep passion for developing my own individual style.
I like all sorts of looks whether it be themed or fashion. I like to see the way the photographer sees things. I do most of my own make up and style myself as well. I can change my look and have a true love for the art of photography. I love dressing up and have a good collection of costumes and vintage clothing for themed shoots. Feel free to contact me and we can discuss different ideas. Let's inspire each other as well as countless others!


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