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Currently based in Baltimore. I'll be moving at the end of June. I will be in Baltimore/DC area May 26-June 20 and taking bookings for the last time locally. After that, I'll only be... more
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Liv Sage



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about Liv Sage


Currently based in Baltimore. I'll be moving at the end of June. I will be in Baltimore/DC area May 26-June 20 and taking bookings for the last time locally. After that, I'll only be back for full day bookings and model tours (about 1-2 per year).


Art model, life/drawing/painting model, and occasionally taking photographs as well. I am based in Baltimore but travel extensively. I model full time, and I take this seriously as my job and as an art form. Feel free to read the links above for more information and/or send me a quick note if you have any questions.

I rarely wear makeup but have some basic skills. I have good skin, no tattoos, no piercings other than the traditional earlobes (one in each lobe). I have some freckles and both pubic and armpit hair. Many photos in my portfolio are not retouched or there is minimal retouching, and I am makeup free in them.

Current Look
-4'11" - 150cm
-32"-22"-33" - 81cm-55cm-83cm
-89 pounds - 40 kg
-Shoe size 5 - 34/35
-Naturally wavy red hair, never dyed
-My hair is now mid-back length - I'm working on growing it out
-No tattoos
-No piercings other than earlobes, and I don't wear earrings most times
-No cellulite
-Clear complexion
-I have body hair - armpit and pubic hair. You can see this in many photos in my portfolio.
-I rarely drink, I never use drugs


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  • aebrownphotography aebrownphotography
    7 months ago

    Liv, You are by far one of, if not THE best model on the internet. You are just OUTSTANDING!!

    • Chelsea Jo Chelsea Jo
      7 months ago

      Beautiful, talented and stunning. I like your modeling.. very nice portfolio..

      • Josie03 Josie03
        8 months ago

        thank you for the following your images are incredible...

        • KJames Photo KJames Photo
          9 months ago

          I love a model who can bring emotion to an image. Do you ever plan on coming to Oregon?

          • dvan dvan
            last year

            I just love your modelling you are so beautiful

            • Love your work, it is wonderfully expressive! Hope our paths may cross someday (but sadly your travel schedule and mine don't match up this year).

              • Mila Mila
                last year

                Very nice work.

                • Richard White Richard White
                  last year

                  I've admired your work for quite a while. glad to catch up with you here. Let me know if you travel near New England and we can try and work together.

                  • J. Welborn J. Welborn
                    last year

                    Love your natural look

                    • Lechat Lechat
                      last year

                      Modelo incrível. Parabéns!

                      • Ursa Minor Ursa Minor
                        last year

                        Your work is so breathtaking, it makes my heart flutter!

                        • neilrubino neilrubino
                          last year

                          Thank you for adding photo to your gallery.

                          • MSL Photography MSL Photography
                            2 years ago

                            I'm so glad you are here - you are such a fantastic model - hope to work with you in 2017

                            • Inner Essence Inner Essence
                              2 years ago

                              Such a fan of your work, so thought provoking. Thank you for adding my image with Alveoli to your gallery, as you know, he is a fantastic collaborator! Maybe next time you wander through New England we will have a chance to meet xo

                              • Gazelle Gazelle
                                2 years ago

                                Stunning port!! Thrilled I had the opportunity to work with you and looking forward to doing it again!! :)

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