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Website: I'm cutting back on modeling. This is the last year I'll likely be willing to book with people I do not know. If you have wanted to work with me,... more
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Liv Sage



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about Liv Sage



I'm cutting back on modeling. This is the last year I'll likely be willing to book with people I do not know. If you have wanted to work with me, now is your chance.

I'm based in the NYC area and have no current travel plans. I will only leave for a round trip plane ticket and at least a full day booking. Otherwise, I will only work locally.

All of my booking info (rates/details about appearance/limits/etc) are on my website. Here is a quick summary:

-$125/hour, 2 hour minimum

-I am petite (4'11"), proportionate (90 pounds, 32-22-33), and have long, naturally red hair and blue-green eyes. I shave my armpits and have groomed pubic hair. I have no tattoos, piercings, or body modifications.

-I model up to art nude in terms of my limits. To elaborate for those who like to feign being obtuse to gain some sort of leverage in shoot communications, art nude typically does not include spreads (no matter how "relaxed" or "natural" you think it is), overt eroticism, masturbation, fetish, bondage (not even the "decorative" kind where you make a bondage dress!), political propaganda (my nude body is not a tool to demonstrate your political beliefs on facebook), racist garbage, or anything that would indicate harm towards children or harmful beliefs about the state of being a child (ie, you don't get to dress me up like a kid and then sexualize me. It's gross).

Essentially, I model for artistic nude, paintings/live modeling, and portraiture.

Any further details can be found on my site.


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  • beautiful work

  • beautiful work

  • Liv, You are by far one of, if not THE best model on the internet. You are just OUTSTANDING!!

  • Beautiful, talented and stunning. I like your modeling.. very nice portfolio..

  • thank you for the following your images are incredible...

  • I love a model who can bring emotion to an image. Do you ever plan on coming to Oregon?

  • I just love your modelling you are so beautiful

  • Love your work, it is wonderfully expressive! Hope our paths may cross someday (but sadly your travel schedule and mine don't match up this year).

  • Very nice work.

  • I've admired your work for quite a while. glad to catch up with you here. Let me know if you travel near New England and we can try and work together.

  • Love your natural look

  • Modelo incrível. Parabéns!

  • Your work is so breathtaking, it makes my heart flutter!

  • Thank you for adding photo to your gallery.

  • I'm so glad you are here - you are such a fantastic model - hope to work with you in 2017

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