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Please follow this link to MM for detailed rate and booking information. I am a 41 year old mom and simple girl with a humble life in... more
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Lisa Everhart


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about Lisa Everhart


Please follow this link to MM for detailed rate and booking information.

I am a 41 year old mom and simple girl with a humble life in the little town of Sebring, Florida. I am not so much and like it this way. I have never had a desire for fame or fortune really. Though I have tasted both, my experience is that they come and go for no discernible reasons. Give me a bag of Cheetos, an endless pot of coffee and some streaming roller derby and I am a happy camper. I tend to stay drink, drug and drama free and have been with the same man since I was 19 years old. We are the parents of one son and I am a stepmom to another. I work at a skilled nursing facility and enjoy trying to make the residents there feel happy and still relevant as much as I can.

Modeling has allowed me to stay involved in the arts community, meet wonderful new friends and supplement my income a little. I am prompt and professional and try my hardest to deliver the shot that the photographer is looking for. I am very fun and easy going, but at the same time I expect a professional approach from those that I work with, and even though I do this part time, I am only interested in working with enthusiastic and serious minded individuals.

I never bring an escort unless you require me to provide an MUH, nor do I appreciate anyone on the shoot who is not a participating professional. If I am not comfortable with your reputation, then I will not take your booking request. It has never made good sense to me why anyone would put themselves into a situation that they felt was unsafe to begin with.

I am there to realize your vision not mine, though I am also very capable of making a creative and artistic contribution should you desire. I can manage just about any pose you might think of. I am athletic and flexible with an amateur background in dance and am a very skilled roller derby skater. I have one lightly colored tattoo on my left side just above the hip, a light cesarean scar on my lower belly and my left butt cheek is a little droopy. I rarely wear much makeup or fix my hair in real life, but am very capable of Swimsuit, Glamour, Beauty, Lifestyle and Editorial work if you provide the MUH.

I am a full time nursing student and have a full time job in healthcare as well, so I am only interested in shooting three or four days a month at most. I will, however, take extended time off for assignments that require travel in and outside the US.


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  •  Talli Lyndsey
    7 hours ago

    Hello! Thank you very much for following my work on here! 😊 Hope all is fab with you!! Talli 😊 ✨

  •  Herbert HLI
    4 days ago

    I took some time to wander through your pictures.
    And you have a wonderful and diversified portfolio.
    It would take me to much time to favorite the amount of great pictures, so I just say here:
    Great job!!!!!!

  • Lisa - Thank you so very much for adding the latest image of "April" from my "Nude? Naturally! Around the House" portfolio to your "Lisa's Lucid Lingerings" (love that title!) gallery. - David

  • Glad your workshop went well. I'll start saving for the next one now. :)

  •  Tommy-2's
    2 weeks ago

    Thank you for adding the photograph to your gallery.

  •  Neil Jacobson
    2 weeks ago

    Lisa -

    Thanks for adding "Blur" to your gallery. I just took the photo a couple of days ago so it's fresh off the presses

    It means a lot to me when you recognize my work.

    And by the way the photo required minimal editing. A lucky shoot.

    Anyway, All the best,


    •  Lisa Everhart
      2 weeks ago

      It has great "feels" Neil. You are welcome and I will message you tomorrow after I talk to my work today.

  •  hicspix
    2 weeks ago

    Thank You so very much!

  •  PhotoKromze
    3 weeks ago

    Thank you for following and considering my image to be part of your curated list. I follow you on MM and love your comments in the fora

  • Hope you have a nice weekend too. Hope you didn't have any shoots setup though. :(

  •  Sirsdarkstar
    3 weeks ago

    Thank you for your comment... your work is stunning!

  •  Fischer Fine Art
    3 weeks ago

    Thanks Lisa for adding my image! I thought you'd like that one.

  •  BoxBoy Photography
    3 weeks ago

    beautiful work!.. would love to create some art with you sometime..

  • Dear Lisa - Thank you very much for adding the latest image of "Mimsey" from my "Nude? Naturally! Around the House" portfolio to your new and wonderful "Lisa's - Girls Doing Things" gallery. - My Best, David

  •  Anchorphoto
    last month

    Bold, powerful and beautiful portfolio!

  •  Tony Aldridge
    last month

    Sorry about the FB thing. Been there myself a few times. Just keep up the good work and we will be seeing you here.

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