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I am a full time art model located in San Diego California. I have nearly ten years experience as an art model and have worked as a model for artistic photography, fashion (in spite of... more
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Katz Pajamaz



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Katz Pajamaz

about Katz Pajamaz


I am a full time art model located in San Diego California. I have nearly ten years experience as an art model and have worked as a model for artistic photography, fashion (in spite of my height), sculpting, painting and drawing classes as well as for individual artists and commissions. I am a regular at schools such as Watts Atelier, LCAD, SDAD, AI among numerous others. For live art courses I am equipped for nude or costumed poses of 30 second to 25 minute duration including long repeated standing poses. If you were referred to this site via my business card please always feel free to e-mail, call, or text me with the number provided and I am always diligent to get right back to you with anything work related.

I spend much of my time engrossed in my own art photography under the name of "balm in Gilead", so please accept my apologies if I am slow to respond to modeling portfolio messages on here, or even feel free to contact me through my personal photography website ! :-) We offer commissioned art photography, digital editing and photo manipulation as well as photoshop lessons and I am always happy to hear from you.

Due to the limited availability that parenthood and our day to day obligations require projects that I am likely to take are constricted to photographers whose work moves me.
My modeling moniker is Katz Pajamaz, and as a “model” my pursuit is simple, to be a part of Art and in so doing explore my own humanity and allow the artist and the onlookers of the byproducts of such collaboration to do the same. I am here to create something meaningful, interesting, to be a part of something bigger than myself… I have no drive or need to simply take a pretty picture or pad my portfolio. That being said my definition of art, as you may see from my portfolio is vast… I seek out those who speak to my soul on an intimate and intrinsic level through the beauty, vision, or insight manifested through their work in whatever medium or combination of mediums. Creating something honest, haunting, passionate, touching, real in some deep and intimate manner is what I lust to be a part of through my involvement in any modeling project.
I am looking to create beautiful, artistic images with those that I might inspire and who in turn inspire me. I am intrigued by anything abstract, passionate, out of the ordinary, something that awakens the senses or broadens the mind, touches the soul. I have a deep seeded love affair with art, and will readily sacrifice my time, efforts, body, and image in order to be a part of it and to help others realization of it… I adore, lust for, embrace, and am filled and fulfilled by the expression, the humanity, the vision of the projects of which I am a part. I implement my body to attempt and portray some form of vision and honesty and I hope in some respect I have succeeded thus far. If you are a photographer or painter or artist who shares in my passions and would like to collaborate Please write me. I thirst for creative collaboration with artistic and like-minded individuals and have been honored by so many of those such people that I have encountered through my modeling up to this point. Thank you for taking the time to look at my work.

Each and every time I step in front of the camera, that is my opportunity to emote something deeper and more profound than just a pretty picture: wonderful, complex, divine humanity. I do not intend on wasting any opportunities.

Things to consider:

I do have 3 tattoos:
1. angel wings on a heart located on the back of my neck
2. a small butterfly on the outside of my right ankle
3. a small rabbit with butterfly wings above the words "To be..." low on my left hip. (Yes as in Shakespeare)

I have had a breast augmentation, the results of which you can see in much of my port, but do not let that deceive you into thinking that I am ready to shake my tata's for any Tom, Dick, and Harry with a Camera....My pursuit here is art... Pure and simple..

I have a cesarean section scar so any nude projects please keep in mind this may have to be photoshopped out.

I am quite comfortable with nudity, but it is up to my discretion with every photographer and shoot. I am not interested in any explicit BDSM shoots unless you somehow manage a very definitive artistic angle so please do not otherwise inquire. I am also excepting very limited TFP work so unless we connect on some deep artistic level please contact me for my rates or message me with an offer.

When you contact me please include location, possible compensation, whether or not an MUA will be provided, as well as contactable references.

You may notice a repeat offender that I often shoot with by the alias of Mike Honcho (see also Rusty Shackelford) - my husband. So if you have any couples concepts that you are itching to try out feel free to write me and peak our interest. Also, if I am not familiar with you personally or you have not been referred to me by a fellow model or photographer than be advised that my husband counterpart will most likely accompany me to our shoot. He is always delighted to help the shoot with lighting etc or whatever is needed. ;-)

Always look forward to hearing from you!


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  • You have so many remarkably beautiful photographs.

  • Katz: You stand out among so many outstanding models. I would love to do a series of drawings and paintings of you. Ever come to New York?

  • Inspiring work!

  • Excellent work. Your profile, about Katz Pajamaz. I read it. Somehow I was thinking, 'I wish more models could think like this" Inspirational.

  • Love your work, Katz!

  • Beautiful portfolio! I love your work.

  • Your images are mesmerizing… very selective and artfully done.

  • Beautiful work.

  • I'm pleased to discover that Katz Pajamas and Balm in Gilead are one-and-the-same. Balm was one of my first discoveries after I joined Model Society. You are as fantastic in front of the camera as behind it.

  • I would LOVE to collaborate with you someday

  • I just have to say you have one of the most sensual and beautiful yet erotic portfolios I've ever seen! Such incredible art!! you are a huge inspiration!! Thank you for sharing your beauty :)


  • I simply adore you, Goddess...One of my favorite models.

  • Thank you so very much.. It means a lot to me coming from someone I admire like you.. :-) Many of the new images are actually created by my husband and I under the moniker balm in Gilead... :-) Hope to make a new portfolio here for our work soon also...

  • I am absolutely loving these new images. I think of your portfolio as creative, prolific and adventurous. Bravo!

  • I'm so glad to see you here. Your portfolio embodies so much of what inspires us.