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Jocelyn Woods is an Actress, Playwright, Mystic, Model and Poet living in Cambridge, Vermont. Born with a severe, rare and atypical neuromuscular disease and unable to stand or walk,... more
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Jocelyn Woods


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about Jocelyn Woods


Jocelyn Woods is an Actress, Playwright, Mystic, Model and Poet living in Cambridge, Vermont. Born with a severe, rare and atypical neuromuscular disease and unable to stand or walk, Jocelyn is dedicated to breaching the boundaries of artistic expression.

LIMITED EDITION Canvas Prints, hand-signed by Thomas Dodd & Jocelyn Woods available at

Jocelyn cannot recall a single moment in her life that has been “ordinary.” She recalls, “At age 4 I was troubled by an excruciating existential crisis: there was a disparity between the vast eternity I experienced in altered states of consciousness that did not match the little girl I saw in the mirror. Having a rare neuromuscular disease (which puzzles doctors as a “medical mystery”) catalyzed a bardic initiation into cosmic paradox. Sexuality and spirituality are, for me, inseparable, and the deepest ancient cosmic schism we are beset with healing is the split between body and soul. Having hung suspended multiple times on the brink of consciousness where life and death juxtapose, I found that both waking and dreaming are mirror images, and as such, can only reflect backwards, distorted interpretations of ourselves. That is, the universal solvent to our artificial voids of dis-ease must inherently lie in the Divine Marriage of body and soul as integral aspects of a whole, rather than externalized tyrannies vying for supremacy. The fluidity I found in my healing brought states of non-linear rapture I can only describe as the possible precursor to immortal flesh.

“Hence the inspiration to use my body-soul love affair as a vehicle for fine art modeling. Trespassing beyond the Nous, transgressing mortal boundaries, the central theme of my art campaign APOKALYPSIS: the disrobing or unveiling of that which has been hidden, revealing the perfection of that which has lain dormant as a result of calcified belief in illusory solidity. Sexuality becomes the medium for the embrace ‘twixt life and death, the lovers whose union ushers our resurrection into the New Jerusalem on earth.” It became obvious to Jocelyn that the inevitable next step was to use her resurrected flesh as my art medium. This birthed the Ecstasy of a Cripple project, in which she posed in two series of nude erotic fine art rendered by the masterful lens of Thomas Dodd.

As a fine art model, Jocelyn has been sought by art photographers around the globe, who make pilgrimages to her home where she brings her concepts to life before their lens. “It is my fervent wish to utilize my “crippled” body to illustrate and document the naked core of existence,” specifically by experimenting with the fluidity of matter, to portray her encounters of erotic union with the divine–highly sexually charged ‘raptures’ that unveil the blinding core of being.

Jocelyn’s bardic nature and poetic fluency have translated to the stage. “In modeling, my poetry then found a visual counterpart. Without warning, I watched my riddled verse automatically become theatrical dramas.” After 10 years of being semi-bedridden and physically unable to leave her house except by ambulance for medical emergencies, Jocelyn performed her one-act play, The Fool’s Riddle: Hysteria Has No House, June 2014 at Black Box Theatre in Burlington, VT, a theatrical examination of the history of the ancient medical condition “hysterica passio” (literally “the wandering womb”,) retrieved from the sterile walls of clinical asylums and “heaved onto the floor of parliament / That all Senators, Presidents and Pious Men / May hear the mayhem of all castaways,” and as agent of prophetic and oracular divination. Questioning the belief systems of what it is to be a woman, of what is deemed holy or unholy, sane or insane, The Fool embodies hysteria as the inherent urge to expand the boundaries of expression and burst walls of oppression.

“Woods distills our attention to her vocal power and facial expressiveness…She may not be capable of lifting her arms, but she has constructed a world to rule. It’s remarkable to watch her fragile presence as the center of something that emanates in ripple after ripple, projecting from her…Visually, the play is riveting…As an artist, Woods can stand on her own, without excuses for her disability. Her fierce commitment to performance is enough.”
–Alex Brown, Seven Days VT

“Deeply intellectual…sensually beautiful…riveting performance….Stimulating theatre–refreshingly.”
–Jim Lowe, Times Argus

Jocelyn is bringing her bardic theatre to the cinematic medium, as writer, director and lead role in the movie “HYSTERIA PRAECOX: Precocious Wanderings of the Womb.” Collaborating with internationally renowned, Montreal-based filmmaker Claude Charlebois, Jocelyn is orchestrating a fusion of Bohemian-fringe theatre, dance, music, tableu-vivant imagery lit Carravaggio style, and avant-garde cinema. “The Muse has long endured a stifling confinement. It is time to set her free. HYSTERIA PRAECOX trespasses where angels fear to tread by catapulting your senses into divine madness, a madness without a method and a rhyme without a reason, free from the prison of linear flatness. A madness so thoroughly unfettered that it becomes the gateway to ecstasy.”

"Jocelyn Woods is the leading edge of resurrection, venturing beyond the known."
--Mariëlle de Natris Clarity Coach, Mystic and Author of the forthcoming book "Interconnection," The Netherlands

"A very strong performer, compelling and deeply intense. Jocelyn Woods' expression and especially her eyeball immediacy is mesmerizing, and the source of the power of her performance."
--Lance Olson, Executive Director, Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center

“Jocelyn is much more than just a model: she is an artist, she is a muse. When I worked with her…she hit the bull’s eye every single time.“
–Thomas Dodd, fine art photographer

“Jocelyn Woods…is singularly the most passionate person I have ever met in my entire life.“
–Cheshire Scott, fine art photographer


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  •  Tony Aldridge
    last week

    Thank you Jocelyn, a great compliment coming from your keen eye.

  • You're very lovely.

    I'd love to try & work with you if things can be worked out.

  •  Mykel
    2 months ago

    I would love to plan a trip to Vermont {expenses allowed) to co-create some powerful art. I grew up in NYC and always loved New England in the fall. You are a gift to the art world. I am humbled to make you acquaintance.

  •  Thomas Sauerwein
    3 months ago

    Thanks, I am happy you connected to the images.... pretty much nailed my instincts... Thank you very much!

  •  Kevin Stiles
    4 months ago

    thank you for the thoughtful comments on my work...and inclusion to your gallery. I am most honored you found my work in such high regard.

  •  Carney Malone
    4 months ago

    Your work displays the highest level of intelligence combined with an excellent send of composition and color. Truly, you are a formidable force in the arts.

  •  Tony Aldridge
    5 months ago

    Will do Jocelyn, and thanks again for the kind words.

  •  Tony Aldridge
    5 months ago

    Thanks for the kind words Jocelyn and next time make it up your way I will try to contact you about working together. You likely don't remember but we had actually discussed doing so a few years back. Maybe this time around we can work things out.

  •  Lisa Everhart
    7 months ago

    Thank you sweetheart. I hope you have a wonderful week.

  •  Lisa Everhart
    7 months ago

    Hey Jocelyn. I hope all is well. I am banned on FB again after only one day back. Kisses.

  •  Lisa Everhart
    11 months ago

    Thank you beautiful Jocelyn. Hugs from sunny Florida this morning.

  •  Christopher James
    11 months ago

    Thanks for the kind comment!

  •  Lisa Everhart
    12 months ago

    Hey! I'm glad you liked the gallery and thank you for the nice comment. Have a great weekend Jocelyn.

  •  Lisa Everhart
    last year

    Kisses. I hope you are well.

  •  imagesse
    last year

    Thank you for your kind words. I have enjoyed discovering your world in return!
    No, I haven't yet made it across the pond to shoot but it is on my bucket list - so many amazing locations over there!
    One day...,

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