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Hi, I'm Jessa Ray, I am currently pregnant with my 2nd child. I will be booking maternity shoots starting in March through May 2017. Please view my maternity portfolio from my... more
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Jessa Ray



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about Jessa Ray


Hi, I'm Jessa Ray,

I am currently pregnant with my 2nd child. I will be booking maternity shoots starting in March through May 2017. Please view my maternity portfolio from my previous pregnancy to see if you'd like to shoot with me.

I'm a part-time professional model from Utah but currently live in Colorado. I have always loved every kind of art, but never had much talent at painting, drawing, playing music, etc. However, I am an experienced dancer & yogi and incorporate these skills into my posing repertoire. When I was a child I had many people suggest to me that I pursue modeling as my career. At that time and for many years, I didn't think it was for me since I'm not very tall and had self confidence issues. When I modeled nude for the first time in 2012 I was thrilled that I could create art with my body. I didn't do much nude photo shoots until I became pregnant with my first son in 2013. During that pregnancy I modeled for over 20 drawing sessions and photo shoots. I love how confident that posing nude makes me feel! Since then I've become hooked and decided to pursue modelling as one of the many ways I make a living.

I am willing to go the extra mile to get the perfect shot. Hiking great distances, waking up before the sun, posing on the edge of a cliff, climbing rocks and trees, and modeling even up to 4 days before giving birth are some examples of things I have done for the sake of art.

I am always professional, and reliable. Photographers praise me for my thin yet curvy figure, flawless skin, "Chameleon" like abilities, and excellent posing. I appreciate direction when given, take direction well, but do not need it!

Booking Info
To schedule a shoot with me, please send me a private message with your location in the subject line and including as much of the following information about the shoot as possible:
-Time and duration
-Whether hair and makeup is provided
-Wardrobe requirements

Please be aware that even though modelling is not my full-time job I DO NOT take it lightly. For this reason, I have a cancellation policy. If you cancel anytime after I have left home I require 50% of the agreed upon fee. For all cancellations within 72 hours, I require 100% of the agreed upon fee. Please understand that even though I love making art, I can not share my gifts for free. For local bookings (in CO, USA), I require 100% if you cancel within 24 hours. Thank you for understanding.

What are your limitations?
I am comfortable within the limits that you see my portfolio, please use this as a guide.
I am not available to shoot images where the purpose is purely to create sexual arousal in the viewer. If you require further clarification on my boundaries, please feel free to ask.

Do you shoot TF?
I almost never shoot TF and never shoot nudes for free. I already have an extensive nude portfolio that does not require updating. However, I may be available for TF shoots with exceptional teams that include a photographer, hair stylist, makeup artist, and (where applicable) a designer/stylist in these areas:
-creative portraits (with a focus on unique makeup, hair styling, and/or accessories. No standard portraits)

What forms of payment do you accept?
Cash is preferred but in cases of prepayment you can send money through Paypal or a check in the mail. All returned checks are subject to extra fees.

Are you willing to shoot with other models?
I am available to shoot with select female or male models as long as the objective is not to create something overtly sexual.

Are you willing to shoot nude outdoors?
I absolutely love shooting nudes in beautiful natural locations, but it must be secluded.

What is your current hair color/style?
My hair is currently my natural color, which is a medium brown with reddish hues. It is mid back length and is naturally quite curly. If you prefer a specific hair style, be sure to schedule a hair stylist. Please note that I prefer to keep my hair long and do not cut my hair short for anyone. I am willing to wear wigs as a substitute.

Can you do your own hair/makeup?
Yes, I do my own hair and makeup for the majority of my shoots. I usually just go for a natural look unless you specify differently. Plus, I always bring my makeup kit to a shoot in case we need to make some adjustments.
However, if you are after something complex, or if the makeup style is central to the shoot, I would suggest hiring a MUA and/or hair stylist.

Are you willing to travel?
Yes! I have a valid passport and love to travel! If you're located either in an exotic location that I may want to visit, we may also be able to make special arrangements.

Hope to hear from you soon!


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