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***Please book with me on Model Mayhem if you have it - Updated information is there!*** I'm a full-time, professional, traveling model from NY, now... more
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Ivy Lee


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about Ivy Lee


***Please book with me on Model Mayhem if you have it - Updated information is there!***

I'm a full-time, professional, traveling model from NY, now living in the Philadelphia area. I have my minivan with me for most travels so I come well prepared with lots of clothing and shoe options. I do sometimes fly instead though; particularly to west coast now that my vehicle is getting higher mileage. I'm always open to doing group shoots, workshops, etc. If you want to split your time/fee with another photographer I do *not* charge extra. I can do my own hair and makeup based on your requests or always open to working with stylists. I'm also a photographer and retoucher so am very aware of my light, surroundings, and body when posing and can help out when needed. I'm okay with working with photographers on *all skill levels*


Knoxville, TN: October 3rd-5th
Charlotte, NC: October 6th-7th
Raleigh, NC: October 8th-12th
Richmond, VA: October 12th-13th

Philadelphia (PA/NJ/DE): October 17th-27th

Phoenix, AZ: October 31st-November 3rd
Arizona ShootOut: November 4th-7th

Philadelphia (PA/NJ/DE): November 15th-30th

San Antonio, TX: December 1st-5th
Austin, TX: December 5th-7th
Dallas, TX: December 7th-12th
Houston, TX: December 12th-17th
San Antonio, TX: December 16th-19th

Philadelphia (PA/NJ/DE): December 20th-30th


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  •  Neil Jacobson
    6 months ago

    I really enjoyed our photo shoot. I hope that we can work together again sometime. I love your attitude and infectious laugh. You're a pleasure to work with.


  •  Art Silva
    last year

    Long time fan of your work, glad to see you here and still hoping to work with you one day.

  •  CarlEricPorter
    2 years ago

    Amazing Portfolio!

  •  NVT Photography
    2 years ago

    Wow. Just, .... wow. Such a compelling body of work here. Instant favorites.

  • great,great great

  •  Tate Hemlock
    3 years ago

    Always been a fan! Exceptional work as always! Cheers!

  •  MSlygh
    4 years ago

    Beautiful work. MLS

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