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I'm Ilse Peters and 56 years. I love modelling for almost 3 years now and since 2 years I make digital selfportraits which I like to edit. I look for new challenges, beautiful art... more
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Ilse Peters



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Ilse Peters

about Ilse Peters


I'm Ilse Peters and 56 years. I love modelling for almost 3 years now and since 2 years I make digital selfportraits which I like to edit.
I look for new challenges, beautiful art work and collaborations.

The photo's I place on this website are all my own selfportraits. I'm the model, I took the photo and I edited it.
So I'm a little bit a photoghrapher too :-)
I want to learn so much and I this is the place to be! :D


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  • Too many gorgeous images to comment on individually...great work!

    • Joe Lewis thank YOU VERY MUCH for your beautiful compliment ... so sorry for my very late reaction!

    • The delay is acceptable as long as you were out creating more terrific art. :-) Keep up the great work.

  • You keep amazing me and when the pandemic is behind us I'd really love to model together.

    • Any time, any day, is suitable for good and true words, especially in these hard times.

    • Hi Lars :-) thank you very much for your beautiful compliment! It looks great to me too :D

  • Your work is fantastic and we are so proud that you have chosen some of our images in your galleries.

    • Thank you very mucht for your great compliment! You're very welcome and I love your work too :D

  • Dear Ilse,
    I am very impressed by your work and I would be very interested to learn how you achieved these results. I am certainly not planning to copy your photography, I hope that you might be interested in some of the techniques I use for example a baby lens and very slow shutter times? Would you be interested in a shoot with me later in the year?

    Yours Sincerely ... Peter

    • Hi Peter, thank you for your compliment and impression of my work! I made the photo's with my Nikon D5300 and remote control and I use Photoshop for editing like you can see them here on my page :-)
      That's all I do. I taught myself to edit photos. I can't tell more. It's my fantasy :-) Kind regards from Ilse!

  • Wish you were near. Would love to work alongside you. Cheers

  • There is such a fierce tenderness to your self-portraits ... stunning xo

    • Thank you very much for your beautiful compliment :D Greetings from Ilse!

  • you are much more than " a little bit of a photographer too " ! your work is powerful and very unique , bravo !

  • Very nice and interesting work, I especially like the combinations of poses sometimes appearing as shadows

    • Photo Nurt thank you for your compliment! Yes I know what you mean and sometimes the shadows are so beautiful :D I love them too :-)

  • I wish we lived near each other - I'd love to work with you

    • MSL Photography it's certainly a pity that we live too far away from eachother! Thank you for aksing me as a model! I appreciate that :D

  • Nice Artwork Ilse. Great body and I like your edits.

    • Thank you for your beautiful compliment Jürgen :D I appreciate it very much!

  • Very cool work - especially being both photographer and model!

    • Thank you very much for your beautiful compliment Phoenix flower :D

  • Thank you for the comment. I appreciate that very much. :-)

  • Mooie zelfportretten maak je. Bijzonder hoor!

  • I am stunned. Stunned! A beautifully sculpted self-portrait model, a gifted and talented photographer, and a superb digital artist... the total package! Thank you for sharing your amazing vision. I'm a fan!

    • Wow I'm totally surprised of all your beautfiul compliments :D Thank you so very much Avant Garde Art and also for sharing my work to your gallery :D Thank you again! Kind regards from Ilse :-)

  • You are an amazing model and an exciting photographer. I really want to follow your work in the future.

    • Thank for your beautiful compliment! I appreciate it very much :D

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