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~~~~About Me~~~~ I am a model/singer-songwriter based near Bristol, England. I have a Passport and regularly drive all over the UK or fly for longer distances. I am a blank... more
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Helen Diaz


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about Helen Diaz


~~~~About Me~~~~

I am a model/singer-songwriter based near Bristol, England.

I have a Passport and regularly drive all over the UK or fly for longer distances. I am a blank canvas, free of tattoos and cosmetic surgery and am very happy to work with other models, male or female.

My specialty is beauty, portraiture and art nude. I have extremely clear porcelain skin, natural green eyes and long chest length dark brown hair which I keep in very good condition (no extensions necessary!) My passions are photography, modelling, music, travel and nutrition. Music is the key to my soul!

I love any form of self expression, mainly modelling and singing. I also love to dance! I am happy to combine all of these into a shoot if asked! :)

I am extremely passionate about health, diet and nutrition (my main interest is nutrition), I am currently studying Advanced Nutrition in order to become a qualified Nutritionist.

I lead a strict and healthy, active lifestyle, I do not smoke or drink alcohol. However that does not make me boring, far from it! ;) I have realised I am mad enough without it! ;) I do not take myself too seriously, I like to have fun and create good memories with people I meet, life is too short.

I enjoy living in the moment and making the most of what I have been given. I am outgoing, sometimes madly eccentric and enjoy laughing...alot! However I am also professional in my conduct, wellspoken, well presented and hardworking.

Finally I will work with anyone of any experience, it really doesn't matter to me as long as you are passionate about photography and respectful to work with :)



I welcome enquiries and bookings from beginners, professionals and all in between. The majority of my work on a daily basis is with beginners and intermediates and my portfolio is a reflection of their lovely work, not just mine.

RATES: (Fashion to Artistic Nude)

Compensation must be for payment please. I will consider all offers on an individual basis. I am always negotiable on budget and multiple bookings and my rates are very competitive for my experience.

Rates quoted are generally inclusive of; Travel, Professional Makeup Kit (using high quality studio makeup) and Wardrobe/Styling. If I am traveling from a considerable distance please allow time for application of makeup on the shoot as you would a makeup artist.

This can be applied before the journey (and usually is) but will need retouching on arrival to most shoots. This is to be included in the booking time as I am acting as both model and makeup artist (I do not charge extra or separately for this)

A model release can also be signed free of charge. I generally have a set rate for all levels regardless of genre. However, please don't be afraid to get in touch with your offer/budget, I will always take the time to reply.



To avoid embarrassment I DO-NOT undertake ANY adult or explicit work.

I have no hidden levels, what you see is what you get. My measurements are kept up to date and are honest and accurate.

I take good care of my body so no hidden surprises! ;)

I like to create classy, sensual, feminine photographs. I do undertake video work but it must be clothed or in lingerie.

I am always open to creative or artistic ideas however, the worst I can say is no :) If you are unsure please feel free to send me a few example photographs you would like to draw inspiration from.

Friendly and professional people only please. I am very polite and respectful to work with and I expect the same in return :)


Please read my references- I have over 300+ online to date if needed. I am extremely reliable and if a shoot is *confirmed* in email, you can be assured I will be there.

I always email the evening before the shoot and on the day of the shoot when I am leaving for peace of mind. I will text you to say I am on my way and I will keep you updated of my journey.

Additional References may be found here:

Lets create memorable images!!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Helen Diaz


I'm one of the top models being considered for an amazing week-long nude photography workshop at Lake Powell, Utah with Joel Belmont and Craig Blacklock!

Please click here for further information if you would like to attend! More information below! Helen x

**If you've ever wanted to explore and photograph some of the most amazing (secret) locations in the southwest - like magnificent slot canyons, massive red rock arches, historic anasazi ruins from the 1200's, towering 'tapestry' cliff walls, petroglyphs, sweeping panoramic vistas and more - all surrounded by emerald green water and only accessible by boat - PLUS work with beautiful nude models and learn one-on-one with master photographers - taking your photography to the next level - this is your chance. The first two weeks of this workshop quickly sold out - and there are only a few spots left. Don't miss out on this photographic adventure of a lifetime - I hope to see you there! **


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  •  Jonathan Charles
    3 years ago

    Beautiful and dramatic look.

  •  Mila
    3 years ago

    Fantastic work!

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