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Modeling is an artistic medium for me to tell a story and portray beauty and art in all its forms. It is also my full-time job and I take it very seriously. As such, while I am always... more
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about Gazelle


Modeling is an artistic medium for me to tell a story and portray beauty and art in all its forms. It is also my full-time job and I take it very seriously. As such, while I am always open to mutually beneficial TF work(e.g. custom wardrobe/jewelry,travel, hosting, etc), paid work will take precedence. I am professional, but still very friendly,punctual(almost to a fault), able to pose without direction but very receptive to it when given, can provide my own wardrobe as well as do my own hair and makeup(will need a HMUA for more elaborate themes and concepts).

* I am also a Life/Figure model. Please, PM me for details if you are interested in booking me to model for your individual art project, art classes,workshops,or drawing sessions. Can provide a resume and references for this work if needed.

No slight to anyone,I don't do porn/adult-themed video work. Yes, this also means that I do not do leg spreads and penetration for photography as well. Simply my preference. Please respect it.

** I absolutely love to travel! And very willing to do travel shoots. But will need to discuss travel arrangements if outside of a 2-3 hour drive/travel time for me. Covered travel expenses or hosting would be considered as a TF option.


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  •  ChelseaJo
    6 days ago

    The artistry of your work is inspiring. I love the poise, beauty and grace of your art. Quite amazing, the emotion you are able to bring to the finished product. Beautiful work..

  •  DKA
    last year

    You are a classic fine art model. Brava!

  •  Liv Sage
    last year

    I'm so happy we got to work together! I'd like to work together again sometime soon (within the year definitely). Your photos here are, as everywhere, stunning :)

  •  Zazyl
    last year

    You are soo beautiful.
    Thanks for follow me. :)

  •  Inner Essence
    last year

    So much grace and beauty in your images, each sharing its own narrative. Lovely work. Thank you for the follow. Yours truly xo

  •  Dario Dolce
    last year

    Tank you, Gazelle !

  •  Unmasked
    last year

    My very sincere thanks for the additions and your comments.

  •  Lechat
    last year

    Belo trabalho, Gazelle. Muito bonito!

  •  Adero
    last year

    Your work is absolutely spellbinding. Thanks for the follow, and here's hoping our paths can cross some day

  •  Tony Aldridge
    last year

    I apprecite your adding my image to your gallery. Nice to have my work in such good company.

  •  Adam
    last year

    gorgeous work!

  •  Rod
    last year

    Wow, you are the dream model. Thanks for following. Rod

  •  Jeff Levine
    2 years ago

    HI Gazelle:
    Thanks for following me. I believe we have similar artist directions. Please let me know if you would available to work together.

  •  skycladarts
    2 years ago

    Thanks for following, amazing work!

  •  Van Evan Fuller
    2 years ago

    Thanks for following. You're an amazing model!

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