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About me: I am a Dutch, Toronto based model. I have extensive experience in fashion, portrait and art (nude) photography. Video: As for my... more
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about Fredau


About me:
I am a Dutch, Toronto based model. I have extensive experience in fashion, portrait and art (nude) photography.


As for my work.. I enjoy creating something beautiful and original together. I am up for a lot of different things as long as it is done with integrity.
IMPORTANT: I don't shoot adult or glamour.

Height: 5'9''
Dress: UK 6 , US 0/2

Please check my site for more images:

Instagram: fredau1

Modelling is my full time job so I only accept paid shoots, I hope you understand.

Please contact me when you have any questions or want to arrange a shoot.



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  • DeWynter Photographer DeWynter
    2 months ago

    We'd love to feature you in a future issue of our magazine - http:/

    • Mykel Photographer Mykel
      7 months ago

      Your website is phenomenal as is your entire body of work.

      • Philip Turner Photographer Philip Turner
        9 months ago

        Wha! Or wow, what a fabulous poser you are. Classic look and lines. The epitome of everything I look for in a model for the classic imagery I like to create. If you ever get to the San Francisco Bay Area please message me. I would love to book you for a shoot. Or if you need an extended tour there are several people I could put you in touch with here for accommodations and additional bookings. Keep the beauty and creativity going. Amazing.

        • Chelsea Jo Model Chelsea Jo
          11 months ago

          Wow!! Beautiful.. I love the simple and pure beauty you posses. Your look is so pure, wholesome and the emotion you convey with you eyes... Wow!! Thank you for sharing both your talent and artistry as a model here..

          • Mila Model Mila
            last year

            Not only gorgeous, but also talented!

            • Richard Nicole Photographer Richard Nicole
              last year

              Surreal, beautiful, sensual.

              • milchuk Photographer milchuk
                last year

                STUNNING work!!!

                • Studio A Bit Blue Photographer Studio A Bit Blue
                  3 years ago

                  Bloody amazing portfolio; I look forward to viewing many new and stunning masterpieces.

                  • dvan Photographer dvan
                    3 years ago

                    Super model

                    • johankoops Photographer johankoops
                      3 years ago

                      great pf and wonderful eyes.

                      • Jocelyn Woods Model Jocelyn Woods
                        4 years ago

                        Your presentation and articulation of your body is of remarkable grace, elegance and refinement.

                        • Torttu Doris Model Torttu Doris
                          5 years ago

                          Love, love, love your portfolio!

                          • Tony Aldridge Photographer Tony Aldridge
                            5 years ago

                            Great Portfolio!!!

                            • Darrell Graves Photographer Darrell Graves
                              5 years ago

                              Amazing beauty, style and class. Truly a stunning image packed portfolio.

                              • Roger Mann Photographer Roger Mann
                                5 years ago

                                Superstar. :)

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