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about ElleCata


Live Model
Art Model

Movement and Flow
Bio: From the first day I could hold a crayon or a pencil, art has always been a safe space where I could display my innermost thoughts and creativity. When I was thirteen, I started studying life drawing every Saturday with Eddie Mitchell in a Young Artist Portfolio Class at the Cleveland Institute of Art. I continued pursuing my art interest and education throughout my teen years, leading to my study of traditional arts in college with a focus on Drawing.
Unfortunately, I could not complete my senior year due to a personal health crisis, which required me to take a big step back from the art world. Although I periodically tried to reconnect with my art, I didn't have much success. Then, I was provided with the opportunity to Model for art classes, which helped me reconnect with my purpose, passion, and place in the art world I love so much. I have been a professional life Model for three years now.
With Modeling, I feel at home in the classroom. Modeling allows me to participate silently while inspiring others to learn in an academic setting. I feel life drawing is a collaborative process between the model and artists. It is a way to meditate on life and humanity. Through working and learning from other artists, creatives, and students I have been able to overcome my health crises and reconnect with my inner creativity and talents. This Modeling experience has led to my own professional Modeling practice.
Although Covid presented new challenges for everyone, especially regarding the ability to interact on a local community basis, it provided me with opportunities to work with artists on a national and international platform.
Nothing compares to working with teachers and students in person though. I listen intently to a teacher’s lesson, happily taking instruction and also working instinctively, with an understanding of the poses that will best support the lesson for the day. I am eager to reunite with local art communities.

Experience & Capabilities
I’m a professional fine art/nude life art figure model, with over three years of experience working for art universities and colleges, art studios, and community groups.
I have a large repertoire of short dynamic and expressive gesture type poses, as well as interesting creative long poses. Poses can be tailored to fit the specific need of the session, focusing on topics such as foreshortening, contouring, cross-contouring, line of action, perspective, lighting, shadows, shading, etc.
I’m able to use props such as a staff, a hula hoop, or wings. I am available for undraped or also draped sessions.

Physical Description
Caucasian female, age of 28, 5' 3" tall, 120 lbs with an athletic/muscular physique comparable to the type of bodies used for the creation of the Greek/roman sculptures. I have no tattoos or piercings.


Maryland Institute College of Art | Drawing Major | August 2011-May 2014
University North Carolina School of the Arts | High School Diploma | May 2011
Began Studying the Human Figure at the Age of Thirteen at the Cleveland Institute of Art
CCY Summer Residency
RISD Precollege Residency
UNCSA High School Residency


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  • Your photos are Powerful, Resonate with emotion, and Profoundly Beautiful!! I Really Love and Admire Your Work! You have a new follower.

  • You have a very lovely portfolio. I hope we can collaborate one day!

  • And what is your MM name or number?

  • "I see said the blind man..." I have let go of all that copyright trauma...It is so easy to copy in this digital world one could go crazy with blocking up there own images...however I am pretty persnickity about my old B&W from a time gone by..very much enjoy this getting to know you

  • fabulous start here love the body paint and your versatility

    • Thank you very much. Body paint is typically a three part collaboration. I need to look at my Model Mehiem and see how the body paint artist credits their work.
      I call him Captain Amazing.

    • I would say yes Amazing and of cours your photogapger all in tune...however you as canvas do a fine job!

  • Welcome to Model Society. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Let us know if we can help with anything.

    • Thank you so much for including me. Can't wait to get to work!