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Are you seeking to record sacred beauty, to portray the Divine Feminine through art? Welcome! You're in the right place. My name is Eleanor, and I'm a freelance model currently... more
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Eleanor Rose



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Eleanor Rose

about Eleanor Rose


Are you seeking to record sacred beauty, to portray the Divine Feminine through art?

Welcome! You're in the right place. My name is Eleanor, and I'm a freelance model currently based in Central California and perfectly situated to join your projects in SLO, LA, or the Bay Area.

I started my journey as a freelance nude model in 2011, and since then have helped create art using nearly every medium imaginable. I specialize in facilitating sensual, highly emotive imagery that portrays strength and vulnerability in still, quiet moments.

I enjoy working with new and experienced artists alike, and work best with those seeking a creative partner and muse. Whether you have a highly conceptualized, specific image in mind, or a vague idea that bears flushing out, it would be my joy to partner with you to cocreate the rich and evocative imagery you've been dreaming of.

***My portfolio here is not comprehensive. Visit my website to see more.***

I am...
-Dedicated to my art: creative, adventurous, and enthusiastic
-Semi-retired: booking only 2-3 shoots/month
-Available for 1-on-1 work and select workshops
-Able to shoot most weekdays and weekends
-Sometimes available last minute
-Well versed in a wide variety of genres and formats: digital, 35mm, Polaroid, long exposure, large format, wet plate, body paint...
-Happy to recommend good studios, outdoor locations, and potential team members for our shoot (in areas I am familiar with)
-Based near Fresno, usually in San Luis Obispo, and often in the Bay Area and LA (secondary home bases in Santa Rosa and Monterey Park)
-Excited to travel, but not actively touring: message me to discuss possibilities

I have...
-No tattoos
-Ear piercings only
-Long, curly auburn hair faded to gold at the tips
-Full leg, armpit, and pubic hair
-A new 4" scar down my sternum
-A scar around my left aereola and down the underside of my left breast

I wear...
-Very little, typically, but I do have some lovely wardrobe available
-A size 8 dress, size 10 jeans, and size 8 shoe (in most brands)
-Basic hair and makeup, and am also happy keeping my face bare (anything fancy will likely require a H/MUA)

*Booking info, including rates and policies, can be found on my website*


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  • What a wonderful and dynamic body of work. Very inspiring!

  • Stellar Beauty!!

  • Absolutely adore your artistic sensibility and of course your timeless, exotic beauty!

  • You have a truly moving, beautiful body of work. I hope to see more wonders in the future!

  • Precious forms!

  • Would like to work with you next time you are in the Las Vegas/S Nevada area.

  • For those who don't know… Ms Eleanor rocks…!

  • Would love to work with you someday!

  • :) awesome everything!!!

  • So happy to see your beautiful work/self here.
    Hope you are having a fantastic 2014 so far.

    Stay Naked and Awesome ;)

  • Good to see you on here!

  • Well, this was a happy surprise to wake up to this morning. It's good to see you here.

  • welcome, Eleanor R, a classy place, this...

  • Howdy