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Hello! Thanks for stopping by my profile - I'm passionate about photography and art, and would very much like to shoot with talented individuals so we can create beautiful art... more
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about DancingWithTheLight



Thanks for stopping by my profile - I'm passionate about photography and art, and would very much like to shoot with talented individuals so we can create beautiful art (sensuous and feminine images that celebrate nudity in an artistic manner) together, art being the key word here!

I am happy to do tasteful lingerie shoots and artistic or quirky nudes with the right person, but STRICTLY NO ADULT WORK OR FULL FRONTALS (nothing on show in the downstairs department), or anything degrading towards women, and will only work with photographers who are professional, friendly and respectful in their approach.

If you feel inclined, you can follow more of my work here:

BODY FACTS: I am inked, the most noticeable tattoos are on my left / right arm, stomach and ribs - these are all isolated so can be easily edited out in Photoshop if you want a more classic look, or kept in if you'd prefer the alternative, edgier look. I have pierced ears / belly button / nose, but the nose stud barely gets worn these days. I have no fake nothings and my physique is toned / athletic as I train regularly.

WORK ETHOS: I am punctual, reliable, easy going, professional, and will work hard to make sure we get images we are both happy with! I enjoy working with people and have met some really lovely and talented photographers on this journey - always learning new things and feeding my nerdy brain.

INSPIRATION: For photography that inspires me you can check out my photography Tumblr at - tags inc women / fashion, landscapes, design, animals, food porn and other random visual delights.

PUBLICATIONS: Implied Magazine, Elegant Magazine (sensual issue), Dark Beauty Magazine, NIF Magazine, Femme Rebelle Magazine, Afterparty Magazine, Vogue Italia Online (x4)

I also have an ever expanding list of favourite photographers, a small selection in no particular order are Lillian Bassman, Francesca Woodman, Keslar Tran, Solvo Sundsbo, Guy Bourdain, Tim Walker, Guy Aroch, Ellen Von Unwerth...

* Will travel anywhere, nationally and internationally if all expenses are covered

If you've gotten this far into reading my long essay:

Happy Browsing, and I look forward to working with you soon!



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  • Mykel Photographer Mykel
    last year

    Intense, dramatic and beautiful. Trifecta

  • Chelsea Jo Model Chelsea Jo
    last year

    Absolutely stunning!!! Your images are breathtaking! Truly an inspiration! Wow! I cannot wait to see more from you!

  • breathtakingly

  • Mila Model Mila
    last year

    LOVE your work.

  • Thanks, Gary - love your creative eye...

    • Gary Latham Photographer Gary Latham
      4 years ago

      Love all your stuff!

      • Thank you, glad you enjoyed the read. I appreciate your comments (:

        • marcvonmartial Photographer marcvonmartial
          5 years ago

          Thank you for those true and honest words in your interview. Keep it up :)

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