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"GZLo: Your work is mainly based on female beauty and eroticism. What is the reason that brings you to specialize in this topic? Anatoly Toor: Capturing the nude female body - one... more
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Ceara Blu



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about Ceara Blu


"GZLo: Your work is mainly based on female beauty and eroticism. What is the reason that brings you to specialize in this topic?

Anatoly Toor: Capturing the nude female body - one of the simplest and yet most difficult task for an artist. Every body has a soul. And my dream is to make a picture of the soul. Naked women no barricades, no protection, they can not hide your soul. It is like fire on ice."

Hello :)

First and foremost thank you for stopping by my profile page and taking the time to look at my work!! I began modeling just a few years ago and take a lot of pride in what I create, so the compliments and support and deeply appreciated and noted!!

I would like to consider myself a very unique model. I don't create art for monetary value, self esteem or brownie points. I create art to capture the best years of my life and the hard work and dedication I have put in the past 32 years :) I started as a dancer at age 3, then worked my way up into gymnastics, fitness, yoga and now challenge myself with Crossfit, hoping to compete in the 2014 games!! I feel these hobbies and activities have been great fundamentals in life and through my modeling career.

When I started modeling in 2010 I had no idea how to pursue this or what I was about to endure! However, with common sense and research I managed to self train and slowly sharpen my skills in front of the camera, while learning among the best and educating myself through the process. I feel years of choreography, dancing, and execution have aided me through this! Now with confidence I can say I am more than experienced with well over 100 shoots under my belt as well as the fact I choreograph most, if not all of my shoots...and with that said most are improve.

Recently I have made the personal decision to only work with photographers I contact unless it's for an editorial, print, gallery or any other exceptional style of photography that is beneficial for myself and the other artist as well!! Since I do consider this more of a hobby, I prefer to be able to capture and create art for my personal use or galleries. Like anything else in life there are exceptions to this stipulation, however that will be determined in a PM.


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  • Mila Model Mila
    last year

    You never cease to amaze me.

    • An inspirational portfolio full of creativity...superb work!

      • Blofeld Photographer Blofeld
        4 years ago

        Fantastic work... love it!

        • dave Artist dave
          5 years ago

          Great work very artistic.

          • Intrigueing...

            • Beautiful & Stunning work

              • Todd F. Jerde Artist Todd F. Jerde
                5 years ago

                Hope to collaborate with you in the near future. :)

                • Fabio Esposito Photographer Fabio Esposito
                  5 years ago

                  Incredibly talented, it's a pleasure for the eyes to watch your gallery

                  • Roger Mann Photographer Roger Mann
                    5 years ago

                    A true fine art model in the best tradition.

                    • Stefano Brunesci Photographer Stefano Brunesci
                      5 years ago


                      • MSlygh Photographer MSlygh
                        6 years ago

                        Excellent work in your gallery. I think you should take a vacation to southern California. LOL. MLS

                        • Mark Bigelow Photographer Mark Bigelow
                          6 years ago

                          A truly fine body of work not only bring a beautiful and strong body, but a strong and powerful presence.

                          • Main Loop Artist Main Loop
                            6 years ago

                            It's never too late to reconnect! Either way, it seems like things are going really well for you these days and I'm happy about that.

                            • BenErnst Photographer BenErnst
                              6 years ago

                              Great port, adriana, love the outdoor creations, perfect modeling. Thnx for your nice words!

                              • Bill Earle Photographer Bill Earle
                                6 years ago

                                Thank you so much for the kind words. You're doing some beautiful work and I do hope we can one day collaborate.

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